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SGA President... does it help?

jon_snowjon_snow Yearly Member

I'm applying to Law Schools now, my apps went complete in early January after winter break, and have been a little discouraged by my results...

I applied to 5 schools. Some were definitely reaches but there were one or two where I felt like I was a match. My stats are 164 and 3.1 (in finance) and I have been working at a prestigious company in the SouthEast for a year.

I've been R/WL by schools where I'm about 25-40th percentile LSAT. I know I'm on the below avg side there and my GPA is way lower, but I had hoped my UG leadership might make up for that.

Does anyone have any intel or hunches about whether a strong resume is just not exceptional enough to really help? I was SGA President of a 30,000 person student body (elected in a vote of 10,000+) among other strong leadership positions, and was able to make connections that should serve as impressive rec's.

Trying not to feel discouraged... the cycle isn't over!!


  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    8139 karma

    Work experience goes to employability, academic EC's not so much... maybe more so ability to handle academic rigor, but at least at good schools, it's pretty hard to fail out. No one can really say what weight an adcom assigns any specific app's component but I think its safe to assume that neither student gov or having a job will outweigh a sub-median GPA/LSAT.

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