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Issues with problem sets

jaspermcoxjaspermcox Core Member

For some reason the button icons on the problem sets, and the website as a whole, keep disappearing. Arrows, checkmarks, stars, they all keep vanishing. I've tried refreshing the website, closing and reopening my browser, and restarting my computer, and yet the problem persists. Is this a site-wide issue or is it simply unique to me? What can I do to fix it?


  • ainfante21ainfante21 Core Member
    3 karma

    The same thing is happening to me right now

  • LSATinatorLSATinator Live Member
    92 karma

    same thing here

  • jakehiguera123jakehiguera123 Core Member
    9 karma

    Same here while trying to do a practice test. I can't X out answer choices or bookmark any questions

  • briellemackbriellemack Alum Member
    17 karma

    Having the same issue with PrepTests as well

  • Angiex.34Angiex.34 Core Member
    63 karma

    same here. I thought it was an issue on my end.

  • Kadin FairKadin Fair Live Member
    10 karma


  • krrt00krrt00 Core Member
    41 karma


  • Justin5622Justin5622 Core Member
    edited May 30 11 karma

    I had it happen to me, but it fixed on its own.

    Edit: Nevermind, it's back.

  • dibsterrdibsterr Core Member
    7 karma

    me too

  • Angiex.34Angiex.34 Core Member
    63 karma

    yeah, mine was fixed for like 1 min but it's back for me as well.

  • dibsterrdibsterr Core Member
    7 karma

    mine too

    @"Angiex.34" said:
    yeah, mine was fixed for like 1 min but it's back for me as well.

  • rachelantmanrachelantman Core Member
    3 karma

    Me too!

  • LawgicMasterLawgicMaster Core Member
    edited May 30 31 karma

    Me too. #Admin

  • kendsjeanskendsjeans Live Member
    61 karma

    Me too!! I thought I was the only one and I started to panic

  • White RabbitWhite Rabbit Core Member
    16 karma

    Same issue. I have restated computer, tried different browser - none of it helped. Today was my practice day that I specifically set the time aside for. So bummed. For the money 7sage charging they could have a better tech support.

  • mklingermklinger Core Member
    23 karma

    Me too, I am glad I'm not the only one. Things are disappearing for the drills page too.

  • andrescaicedo823andrescaicedo823 Core Member
    edited May 30 4 karma

    Still happening :( please fix :( I even switched Microsoft Edge to see if it worked there instead of chrome and its still happening. PLEASE FIX I HAVE A JUNE LSAT!!

  • becauseyeahidkbecauseyeahidk Core Member
    4 karma

    same here

  • AceAttorney07AceAttorney07 Core Member
    5 karma

    Still down for me as well!

  • landonli1337landonli1337 Live Member
    12 karma

    same issue here, I was trying to take a preptest and there are no buttons that are visible #HELP #ADMIN

  • jackmdexterjackmdexter Core Member
    edited May 30 14 karma

    Confirming - HTML embeds on problem sets are currently not working.


  • letsgo123-1letsgo123-1 Alum Member
    13 karma

    same for me. please help fix!

  • kayshara12kayshara12 Live Member
    7 karma


  • 170warriorjkimscrewed170warriorjkimscrewed Core Member
    3 karma

    I'm also having this problem

  • MagellanMagellan Core Member
    3 karma

    I'm having this problem too. Please fix.

  • simi.ok11simi.ok11 Live Member
    3 karma

    having the same problem! thought i could manage but then i realized you can't submit answers so im stuck in my current drill.

  • tina.hashemi03tina.hashemi03 Alum Member
    edited May 30 4 karma

    I thought it was my laptop having too many tabs open!! Someone please fix this none of the drill sets are working, you can't submit anything!!!

  • annakatherinenguyenannakatherinenguyen Core Member
    7 karma

    me too. can't submit answers or click any buttons

  • adamcv71adamcv71 Core Member
    4 karma

    me too, I'm super upset lol today is my day off work and I was planning on a full study day

  • mjmorreale14mjmorreale14 Core Member
    4 karma

    also having this problem

  • cdemers2931cdemers2931 Core Member
    30 karma

    Same problem here :/

  • trytryagaintrytryagain Live Member
    9 karma

    same, I have work later and this was my only time today :/
    if this happens again I'll consider it a waste of money, I picked 7sage because it can be self paced but if it's not working... idk what to do

  • briellemackbriellemack Alum Member
    17 karma

    help #admin this has wasted over an hour of study time! pls help us!

  • letsgo123-1letsgo123-1 Alum Member
    13 karma

    i think it's been fixed - i see the buttons now

  • Paula --Student Service--Paula --Student Service-- Member Administrator Student Services
    edited May 31 848 karma

    Hi 7Sagers,

    I am so sorry for the trouble.

    The site was temporarily down but the fix is now live and you should now be able to access the site.

    However, if you are still having some issues please let me know so I can assist you.

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