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RC Study Methodology Help!

SeouliteSeoulite Core Member

Hi, while recently shifting my strategy to study the LSAT from a quantitative method to a qualitative method - by using fewer prep material to maximize the effects of the study - I was thinking that I might need to change how I study the RC section as well from previously only looking at problems that I missed and the passages that I had a struggle with to thoroughly inspecting the whole four passages in an RC section. Is this a valid approach to study the RC section? I would like any thoughts on this methodology.


  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
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    You’re asking great questions! Instead of starting with the methodology though, start with the objective. What are you trying to accomplish? Maybe the most obvious sort of objective is something like “average -3.” But that doesn’t tell us much. What needs to change to get there? Are you not finishing the section? Then a great objective would be, “develop and consistently execute effective time management strategy.” Do you feel like you’re not comprehending the passages? Understanding the passage but still missing the questions anyway? All of these are very different reasons for falling short of your score goal, and they each require very different study methodologies to address effectively.

    So start by identifying the core problem/s. Then formulate an objective. Then think about what needs to happen to achieve that objective. Now you can tailor the study method much more effectively to the problem. By consciously connecting the work you’re doing to the specific problems that need to be addressed, you’ll get far greater returns out of the time you invest in your studies.

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