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BR Score VS. Actual Score

Cayenne43Cayenne43 Alum Member
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I just finished the 7 Sage curriculum two weeks ago. My first PT was an actual score of 160 and blind review of 165. I took two PTs, one yesterday, and one today, where my blind review score was high but my actual score was low, 151 actual & BR 160, 154 actual & 162 BR. I am feeling pretty discouraged by the drop in my actual score. I am confused as to what the BR means in terms of studying, etc.?

I am consistently -5 to -10 on the Logic Games. I have been using the Fool Proof method. However, I have the books of LSATs so I don't have ten copies but I do the games 10 times on blank notebook paper, not writing on the actual game.

I am not sure what to do about the discrepancy between my actual score and my BR review score. Any advice would be great?!

I also would add I just got the LSAT Trainer but I have not read it yet. I am hoping to take October test.


  • ENTJENTJ Alum Inactive ⭐
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    Well first off, it's always a good sign that your BR score is higher than your actual score. So congrats to that!

    Blind Review is the meat of progression. (I just came up with that...maybe I should copyright it...) What you can do is be more judicious about going over the problems that you circle and really determining if you need to be circling more. Even at a BR score of 165, you know there's definitely room for improvement. Remember what JY said about BR...even if you're at 99% certainty, it still warrants that circle!

    If you're aiming for October, it may be prudent to only go over the LSAT Trainer in certain weaker areas that 7sage isn't able to help you with. That kind of focalized studying may do some good.

    You're making good strides! Keep it up and share the good news! ^-^d
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