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Test centre in Spain?

Snow DaySnow Day Member
in General 31 karma
Hi everyone! Because of other commitments, I have to take the October lsat in Spain. Has anyone taken or read about the Spain test center? I assume it won't be that different... Thanks!


  • lpadr009lpadr009 Free Trial Member
    379 karma
    Not help but I'm so jealous! ! Love Spain so much
  • jenna.d.russelljenna.d.russell Free Trial Member
    2 karma
    I took it there in June and it was wonderful. The proctor is an American lawyer that teaches at the university in Pamplona. Everything ran smoothly, but it was super laid back. There were maybe 8 other test takers. Pamplona is a charming town too and the university was easy to navigate. We even waited like 20 extra minutes for the last registered test taker who ended up not coming. Good luck!
  • Snow DaySnow Day Member
    31 karma
    @jenna.d.russell Thank you so much Jenna! I was getting so nervous about training there the day before the test and not knowing anything about Pamplona, you really put my mind to peace :) I'm located in Barcelona, 4 hours train shouldn't be that bad, do you have any other good tips for me? Thank you!
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