PT17.3.14 Many artists claim that...

Can someone help me diagram the stimulus and find the sufficient assumption?

What I have is:
P: art criticism most /satisfy
C: art criticism most /greatest works of art

SA answer: /satisfy most or some /greatest works of art

I was wondering, I thought we can't make contrapositives for most statements but the answer E does? Let me know if I am understanding this incorrectly, thanks!


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    You are right.."most" statements cannot be contraposed. But you can contapose ac(E). "The greatest works of art are works that inevitably satisfy all critics." contraposes to /SC --> /GWA. This is exactly the gap filler we need. Granted it is not a "most" statement. Rather it takes that strength a step further to be an "all" statement (which we know all's fall in the highest extreme of most's .. if all of something have a characteristic then by definition so do most of them).
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    Thank you @nye8870!!! You are the best :D
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