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Blind review success

sgndawsgndaw Alum Member
edited June 2014 in General 45 karma
Can anyone describe how helpful the blind review has been for them?


  • ONuellaOONuellaO Alum Member
    210 karma
    Extremely Helpful!
    I didn't know what was wrong with my LR and why i wasn't improving at all but that was only because i was doing it wrong the entire time.

    The fact that i redid all the questions without time pressure and i would have to describe exactly why an answer choice was wrong and why the one i chose was right, let me see exactly where my faulty logic was and what exactly it was i was doing wrong.
    Now, i never do an LR section without blind reviewing it.
    In fact, when i time anything i blind review, it helps you understand exactly where you went wrong and how you can fix it in terms of the right path to follow etc...
    This allowed me to jump from like 10 untimed to 0 untimed. I wasn't even getting the core right, so there was no way i would get it timed.
  • elvisliveselvislives Alum Member
    97 karma
    I would say it is one of the most important parts of the process. Since I started doing that, my LR sections, timed, are somewhere between -1 and -3 (untimed -1 or 0). For me, that's been a huge improvement from where I started and I feel more confident when writing PTs which is hugely important.
  • sgndawsgndaw Alum Member
    45 karma
    Thanks guys I will definitely try it
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