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Nervous about the June LSAT on Monday?

J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
edited June 2014 in General 13461 karma
Of course you are. You're about to take an important test. It's not the most important test though. That one you will be taking in September.

Just kidding. This is likely the last LSAT you'll ever take.

I'm only trying to remind you that for something this important, there are second chances. That's not true for a lot of other important things in life, so that's something to feel good about.

For most of you, you already know what score you'll get. Take your last three recent properly administered LSAT PrepTests (e.g., 69, 70, 71) and average your score. You'll get plus or minus 3 points of that average.

There is nothing separating you from that score except the mere passing of a few day's time.

You are as prepared as you can be. You have already seen everything those crafty LSAT writers will throw at you and you've amply demonstrated your ability to respond with craftiness of your own.

Monday will not be a new day and the June 2014 LSAT will not be a new LSAT. It will only be "LSAT PrepTest 72" which will be just like PT 71 and PT 70 and PT 69 and so on.

For Monday, remember only this: keep moving.

You will encounter a few insanely difficult curve breaker questions. Every LSAT has them. Every student who has ever taken the LSAT before you has encountered them. You will encounter them (again) on Monday. I am telling you this now, so you will be prepared. Skip those difficult questions. Maintain your rhythm.

Keep moving.

You got this.


  • ZphiB121406ZphiB121406 Alum Member
    19 karma
    Thank you!! I plan to remain calm and positive!
  • SFlorida93SFlorida93 Alum Member
    96 karma
    Thank you so much, JY. After Monday, I intend on writing 7sage an amazing review that is hopefully just as thorough as this course has been. You've been an incredible teacher!
  • elvisliveselvislives Alum Member
    97 karma
    Great advice, JY. Thank you.
  • 2 karma
    Thank you so much! I'm going insane even though I'm hitting my aimed score in the practice tests. It's those curve balls that completely discourage me. But thank you for your encouraging words!
  • turnercmturnercm Alum Member 🍌
    770 karma
    do your best guys! we're all rooting for you!!!
  • Mike RossMike Ross Member
    46 karma
    Is it fair game for any major curveballs to show up on LG like the one from Feb 2014? Or can we expect the LG to be similar to the ones in 69, 70, 71?
  • Mike RossMike Ross Member
    46 karma
    I'm trying not to panic.
  • Mike RossMike Ross Member
    46 karma
    And thanks for all your help JY! Here goes something...
  • fiji12345678fiji12345678 Member
    108 karma
    I am taking the test in Asia, so I still have three more weeks.

    Good luck everyone!
  • ikethelsatikethelsat Alum Member
    193 karma
    Mike (or anyone) - was there anything especially crazy about that LG section apart from there being a circular game? I can't find any details about why people were so freaked apart from that, and I can't understand why a circular game would be so incredibly problematic for so many people. It's just a linear game, after all, with a slight alteration.
  • CFC152436CFC152436 Alum Member
    edited June 2014 284 karma
    Full disclosure, I didn't take the test, but this is what I've heard from other people that did:

    Apparently it was a double layer circular game. Obviously I've never seen the question, but I get the feeling if people had set it up as a double layer sequencing game they would have been better off. Anyways, I imagine people just panicked, and that was why they thought it was so hard. Test day nerves + self-doubt + unexpected surprises (in this case, a double layer circular game) = poor performance.

    The take-a-way is to remain calm. You're prepared for the test, you know what's coming. Stay calm and you'll do exactly the same as you did on your PT the previous day.

    Edit: Besides, even if the game was ridiculously hard, it was ridiculously hard for everyone. The LSAT uses case-by-case curves for a reason.
  • Mike RossMike Ross Member
    46 karma
    I agree with CFC. That's all I know as well. June looks quite unpredictable because it's so far from preptest 71. I wish they released Feb 2014 so we'd have at least somewhat of a clue but that's not gonna happen so yeahhh.
  • Nathalie NguyenNathalie Nguyen Alum Member
    68 karma
    I'm extremely nervous. I'm going to use tomorrow to relax and calm down before I walk into the room to take the test. Meh.
  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
    13461 karma
    Listen to the determination in her voice when she finally says "go".
  • ikethelsatikethelsat Alum Member
    193 karma
    JY that just made my evening man.
  • Mike RossMike Ross Member
    46 karma
    "Here goes something I guess..." sounds like me from the post above.
  • Mike RossMike Ross Member
    edited June 2014 46 karma
    And JY you are the EFFING MAN for posting this video. Definitely made my evening.
  • AlenaLSATAlenaLSAT Alum Member
    182 karma
    I feel right now exactly like when you get on a roller coaster, they buckle you in, and just before it sets off, you ask yourself, why did I get myself into this??
  • mbaldwin01mbaldwin01 Member
    14 karma
    First ski jump = perfect metaphor for the LSAT.
  • ashleys.crossashleys.cross Member
    2 karma
    This was amazing encouragement!
  • michellemoon0708michellemoon0708 Alum Member
    79 karma
    Just have fun with it everyone! :D
  • AlenaLSATAlenaLSAT Alum Member
    182 karma
    It is over!!!
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