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Accommodation advice

stephgmeisterstephgmeister Alum Member
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After months and months of studying, February will be the second time I take the LSAT and time is still getting the best of me...

I was diagnosed with ADHD 5 years ago and used testing accommodations throughout college but when I heard (never verified) that LSAC flagged those who took the test with extended time and inquired about it to a of couple law schools, they told me that they weighed the scores differently so I automatically ruled it out of my agenda. However, I recently found out that as of over a year ago they NO longer flag those who take the test with accommodations. I couldn't believe it and I wish I submitted the necessary forms by the deadline. ( semi good news: I still have time to do so for the June test and that will be my last chance. But I am so burnt out I wouldn't want to take the test again five months from now)

I wanted to ask if there is anyone out there in a similar situation or who has ADHD and was granted more time on tests? I also mistakenly assumed since this diagnosis is very common, they would just not even accept it. There's a great article written about those who deserve accommodation and those who use it as a cop out.

I am very much the type of person to not have a disability define who I am (especially one such as ADHD) but the extra time is necessary in my situation in order to truly portray my capabilities.


  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    If you scored too high on your first LSAT then you will never be given accommodations. I'm fairly certain that roughly around the average LSAT score will disqualify you. I found out right before my first take that I could have received accommodations due to TBI and other issues I have from the military but it was past the deadline and then I scored over the threshold so I lost out on that. If I were you I would call LSAC and ask them about your situation before you bother to build your whole case. It takes a long time so it's not going to happen for February.
  • kmojorelikmojoreli Legacy Member
    118 karma
    I have ADHD so looked into this but opted not to seek accommodation, however it can be done. If you had accommodations on the SAT or ACT (or other graduate level entrance tests GRE, MCAT, etc) then you will be able to get approved, otherwise I think the process is much more difficult.

    There is very specific testing that has to be done, I had these tests done when I was much younger but they have to be fairly recent (within 3 years) I believe for LSAC to accept them. You will need to work with your psychiatrist to get the necessary testing, in addition to documentation from your university of your accommodations in undergrad. The testing can be fairly expensive as it includes comprehensive achievement, aptitude, and processing tests. If you are already seeing a psychiatrist (hopefully one that specializes in ADHD) to manage your condition, then you would need to talk to them about the criteria and work with them to put together an application. If you truly feel you need accommodations I would not take the test again until you are granted them. details the specific tests and documentation that are required.
  • stephgmeisterstephgmeister Alum Member
    95 karma
    I appreciate the responses!

    I scored a 148 on my first exam, I'll call and see if that will automatically disqualify me in the first place- that would not have crossed my mind at al, so @pacifico, thanks for mentioning! Also, I thought the diagnosis could have been within the last 5 years but in the link @kmojoreli sent me it specifically says 3 years :(

    It's also a little confusing what the requirements are for extra time, that form you sent me is different from the ones I found on their website, part of the reason I didn't want to proceed with this is because I heard it was such a hassle and it sure seems like it esp since I would have to pay and be re-diagnosed since the last time I did it was 5 years ago. @kmojorel, is this why you also didn't follow through with accommodations?
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