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[7sage Tutor] Introducing Corey Janson

Nicole HopkinsNicole Hopkins Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
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Looking for a LSAT tutor?

As you know, we have a number of folks in our community who are active LSAT tutors. All of them tutor virtually and several of them tutor in person as well. These are folks we know who we believe to be excellent tutors. While they don't work for 7sage, they're active members of our community and we want to identify them for you.

A man who probably needs no introduction, Corey Janson has been a Mentor, Sage, and all-around active leader in our community since the summer of 2015. @c.janson35 has led a bunch of webinars for us (you can see videos of his work at ) and has been tutoring for a while now. Also known as "The Logic Catcher," Corey scored a 176 on the October 2015 LSAT and teaches all three sections of the test. He's an exceptionally nice guy and has a deep knowledge of the LSAT.

Corey offers free consults and has a limited number of subsidized hours available through 7sage for those for whom cost is a concern.

PM @c.janson35 if you'd like to inquire about rates and/or to set up a free 30 minute consult!


  • allison.gill.sanfordallison.gill.sanford Legacy Inactive Sage
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    Yeah Corey!
  • twssmithtwssmith Alum
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    It is amazing what all of you have given back to 7Sage in the webinars and hope we can all take advantage of everything you can offer as tutors!
  • NYC12345NYC12345 Alum Inactive Sage
    edited February 2016 1654 karma
    I hope as many 7sagers as possible take advantage of Corey's tutoring sessions. After being on 50+ Skype BR calls with Corey, I can testify to his skills and advanced understanding of the LSAT. His techniques have helped me so much, that I even turned his name into a verb haha. When speaking about the December LSAT, an exam on which I scored a 170, I told another 7sager that "I encountered a tough RRE question, but I'm confident I 'Corey'd' it." If you want to learn how to view LR questions through a completely different lens, look no further, Corey is your man.
    "Two thumbs up" (like Ebert and Roeper)
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