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Q. 4 of Quiz on drawing valid conclusions with translations 4

time_to_gotime_to_go Alum Member
edited March 2016 in Logical Reasoning 276 karma
Admin edit: Please don't post full course questions! Instead, link to the question:

But what if I change the question into: Geniuses do not date lazy people. Vesper is smart. (skip this useless sentence) Derek is extremely attractive and lazy.

Isn't it incorrect to conclude that Vesper will not date Derek because unlike the original question, you can't automatically equate Vesper being smart as being a genius? In the original question, being genius must mean one is smart, but being smart doesn't guarantee you are genius smart.

I'm trying to flip things around and see how different conclusions can be made and so on. Feedback would be much appreciated! :)


  • runiggyrunruniggyrun Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    2481 karma
    @"Purple Paris" you got it. Genius is a subset of smart, but smart isn't a subset of genius, therefore you can't conclude anything about Vesper and Derek.
    I like how you go about it, moving words around and seeing what happens - that's the difference between kinda understanding and really getting it.
  • time_to_gotime_to_go Alum Member
    276 karma
    Thank you for the reply! : )
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