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Best way to master logic? (Particularly for mapping logical reasoning)

GrecoRomanGrecoRoman Alum Member
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I've gone through the all the logic lessons twice and have been drilling sufficient/necessary assumption and parallel reasoning and when I read through many of the stimuli my brain just goes to mush trying to figure it out. I see J.Y. intuitively know how to map things out instantly and I want to get that way but it doesn't seem to be improving. What did those of you who have mastered logic do to get to the point of mastery? Did you use any outside resources for alternate drilling, etc? Thanks for any help.


  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Monthly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
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    What do you feel like your level of comprehension is? When you're answering questions, what specifically is happening? Are you finding yourself unable to translate conditionals into logic? Unable to distinguish valid from invalid arguments? Are you panicking? Are you getting it but just not with the necessary speed?
  • GrecoRomanGrecoRoman Alum Member
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    I can recognize the validity of mapped arguments quickly, it's just getting it on the paper that's the hard part. I mess it up when translating. I think it may be all the qualifiers and extra language throwing me off.
  • AddistotleAddistotle Member
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    My approach was simple and repetitive. I made cue cards with all of the quantifiers and their translations on the back, e.g. "Some, 1-100" "Unless, negate sufficient," "Cannot, negate necessary," etc, the groups with their members and translations, the flawed and valid arguments, both individually and as groups... and I burned the information into my brain. Similar to JY's recent post chaining out GoT scenes, I would constantly listen in my thoughts and discussions with others for statements I could translate, then I'd negate them, all the time.

    Once my prep moved onto full PTs, in my BR I would write out every question I was reviewing, if I could, later on I started copying out JY's while reviewing his videos for any questions I got wrong and/or missed on BR. Eventually, my confidence grew and I just attacked every chain I could if I needed to.

    This took place over 7 months, if I could go back and do anything differently, I would definitely've gone back to the MBT, MSS, SA, PSA, MBF, PMoR, PFMoR, Flaw Descriptive Weakening questions sets, done all of the easy questions by chaining them out within the 1:24, one at a time, and then, halfway through the sets, start linking all of the questions together as groups within the 7 1/2 minutes over all 5 questions until I've finished them all.

    With my PTs I would've taken every question from those categories and BR'd them all by chaining them out (if I hadn't on the test). Think about it, by the end of the question sets and around 15 PTs, you've seen hundreds of these questions, seeing through the stimulus by identifying the quantifiers translating, chaining out, and linking together logical sequences, will feel automatic, then you've mastered it.

    I found that when I was writing my test, my brain was intuitively anticipated an answer choice, and was destroying wrong answers like JY does for those questions, to the point where Nicole's comments about feeling like you're going to fast come into play.

    It just takes time, and effort, don't stop trying!
  • GrecoRomanGrecoRoman Alum Member
    edited June 2016 140 karma
    Thanks for the great write-up Addistotle, this is what I was looking for. I just didn't know where exactly it is best to focus my energy and now I have good plan. If any other people have methods they used to master the logic I would be interested as well. Thanks to everyone helping out.
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