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Has anyone started in the Mid 130's with 7sage

DavabrahamsDavabrahams Alum Member
edited August 2014 in General 62 karma
Hey fellow Sagers,
I was wondering did anyone hear start out with a 135 or something or something along those lines when they started their prep with 7sage? If yes what is your score now and how did you do it? Thanks! I really need all the motivation that I can get. I plan on taking December and I'm aiming for at least 155


  • CutiePie1050CutiePie1050 Alum Member
    3 karma
    I had a 129 on my 1st PT. Now I am at 135. I could be studying more but I am not. My goal is also a 156. so 4 more months and Ill get there. Hopefully this motivates you.
  • cnguye15cnguye15 Legacy Member
    64 karma
    I think it is possible to get low 130s to mid 150 or even 160 if you can perfect LG I recommend you read lots of complicated journals to help on LR and RC for those 4 months and focus on logic game. My score used to be 132 two years ago, took a prep course, got up to 154 for my last pt with -8 on LG but quit studying lsat. And 2 years later, I took the test again and got 162 (with -8 LG but only -4 on RC). The significant improvement has to do that fact that my reading skill has improved tremendously over those years. Now Im working on LG and LR aiming for 170.
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