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How would the Sages recommend I incorporate The LSAT Trainer?

AlexAlex Alum Member
edited November 2016 in General 23929 karma
Hey everyone,

I started the core curriculum about 2 weeks ago. I wanted to use the LSAT Trainer, as I know J.Y. recommends it. After some quick research on this forum, it seems that the consensus of the sages is to complete the 7Sage core curriculum first, and then complete The LSAT Trainer. Is this still the case?

Also, do you think it is best to follow The LSAT Trainer study guides? And if so, which one? (4 week, 8 week, 12 week)


  • allison.gill.sanfordallison.gill.sanford Alum Inactive Sage
    1128 karma
    I did the Trainer first because I knew about it before 7Sage, but overall they are so complimentary to each other that I don't think the order matters too much. I suggest using 7Sage for a more comprehensive LG intro, and then looking at the LG sections in the Trainer afterward.
    I didn't use the Trainer study guides, you will be fine if you follow the core curriculum here and when you finish that (including drilling all problem sets), begin PTs with quality BR. Read the Trainer at any time during the CC part of your studies. Hope that helps!
  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    23929 karma
    Thanks Allison! I appreciate all your help. I see you're a sage/tutor, awesome!
    I was just worried about getting confused or losing momentum, so I might hold off until I am finished with the CC entirely. Do you think that is also something that may help me?
  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    edited July 2016 8021 karma
    Picking one and doing it all the way through and then doing the other is the general consensus so you'll be good to go. Don't worry about arbitrary schedules, just take your time and focus on developing a deeper understanding and you'll be fine.
  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    23929 karma
    Thanks Mr. Pacifico! I appreciate all the help I get on here. I come from TLS where often replies are negative and nasty under the guise of being "honest". Honesty is important, but around here you can get honesty kindly. :)
  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    edited February 2018 11542 karma
    @Alex said:
    Honesty is important, but around here you can get honesty kindly. :)

    You don't have to be a sack of shit when someone asks a question, seriously the amount of times I thought "man, these people have major self-esteem issues" on TLS. Not all, but a good majority.

    And just for the hell of it --- I agree with the above mentions. I just so happen to start off with the Trainer before stumbling upon 7sage so that was my order. Now that I'm redoing the CC, I will technically start off with 7sage and end with the Trainer while I PT/BR. No harm, no foul :D
  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    23929 karma
    Cool! Thank you! I love your Lion King pic, that is truly how I feel about 7Sage. It is so damn positive on this forum, and 7Sage as a whole is just such an amazing resource. I'm so glad I decided to join the community :)

    I think that will my plan going forward is finishing the CC from 7Sage and then beginning the 12 Week LSAT Trainer study schedule. I'm done rushing to meet a deadline. I want a 170 and if it takes a year, so be it...
  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11542 karma
    I'm done rushing to meet a deadline. I want a 170 and if it takes a year, so be it...
    That's the spirit buddy! Glad you realized it early on in your journey.
  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    23929 karma
    Thanks @montaha.rizeq! It is just too important. It took me 4 years to get my GPA, so it only makes sense to put as much time as it takes to do my best. I've always thought it was mental to rush to take this test. For example, if a professor during UG let you take the final whenever you want, would you rush to sign up and take it before you were ready? Of course not! I think if a lot more people realized that, they wouldn't be so worried....
  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11542 karma
    That's a great outlook on all this and sadly many people will still opt to take the final exam before the curriculum is finished by the instructor lol
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