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Spivey vs David Busis for my situation

StopLawyingStopLawying Alum Member
in General 821 karma
I've heard great things about both, but I wanted to know what you'd guys would recommend for my specific situation.
Have a LSAT score in the low 160s with a LSAC GPA above 4.0. I'm retaking in September with the hopes of achieving a 166+.
I'm beginning to work on my apps now. Obviously could use some assistance with PS and resume, but would love to get some comprehensive help. Not sure where I'll be numbers-wise in 2-3 months from now but I have to get started with the application process. Waiting until I get my Sep score results to work on my PS, resume, etc isn't really ideal. Plus, I'd like to apply as early as possible.
Here are my 3 options:
1) Work on everything myself until I get my Sep scores and reevaluate.
2) Spend the $ on the 7sage Admissions Ultimate package (much cheaper than Spivey) to get some help with my PS and resume. Have an awesome PS and resume. If I get my desired score, I finish up the rest of my application stuff myself and save some much needed $ from not having to work with Spivey. If I don't get my desired score, purchase hourly help from Spivey for the other components of my application to ensure I submit the best possible application.
3) Just spend the $$$ on Spivey's comprehensive package. Yes, it's costly, but I've heard from several ppl that it's extremely valuable. Might as well just get started now.

If anyone has any experience with Spivey or David, I'd really appreciate some advice. Don't really know the best way to proceed. Thanks!


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