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Through studying for LSAT do you think you gained something (eg critical thinking)?

Tina ChoTina Cho Member
in General 442 karma
Besides you are getting better at solving LSAT questions, do you think or not think studying LSAT helped you to grow in some way?


  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    23929 karma
    Yeah, my brain seems more wired to dissect arguments and read more critically.
  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11536 karma
    @"Tina Cho" said:
    do you think or not think studying LSAT helped you to grow in some way?
    For certain lol. As @"Cant Get Right" says, "I have respect for the LSAT." It does something to your brain and perspective on life that no other test can and I mean that in the wierdest way possile lol
  • pritisharmapritisharma Alum Member
    477 karma
    Oh ya !!!! My personal growth is phenomenal. Just reading those passages ; topics I was never exposed to ; things I never thought about. Of course reasoning etc ...
  • BinghamtonDaveBinghamtonDave Alum Member 🍌🍌
    8673 karma
    Oh certainly. Especially spotting flaws and gaps in arguments that are possible assumptions. I've heard-tell that this mindset is crucial for success in law school.
  • runiggyrunruniggyrun Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    2481 karma
    I think it's clarified some things about flawed arguments, so I am now able to better articulate why an argument is flawed, rather than go by "gut feeling". It's also made me a lot more aware of the precise use of words to convey specific meanings, not just by LSAT writers, but by other people who are very aware of the impact their words can have and watch what they say very carefully (you can really notice this with politicians, especially those with a law school background - the heavy overlap is not accidental).
  • Not Ralph NaderNot Ralph Nader Alum Member Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    2098 karma
    Short answer I can see through a lot of BS in media.
  • BruiserWoodsBruiserWoods Legacy Member Inactive ⭐
    1706 karma
    Ohhhh yes. I definitely developed some neuropathways that weren't too strong before.
  • CenaBenaCenaBena Legacy Member
    138 karma
    I have become self disciplined beast.
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