Hardest PTs (50-78)?

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Which PTs from 50 to 78 do you think are the hardest/toughest/most mentally/intellectually challenging? Would greatly appreciate your thoughts!


  • danielznelsondanielznelson Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
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    PT 72. And I actually did relatively well on that test, but still a really brutal one. It is also the only test I've taken three times, and I've learned a lot from each take.
  • lawgikallawgikal Monthly Member
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    @danielznelson, I haven't taken that one yet. I will soon and will keep in mind your input!
  • nantesorkestarnantesorkestar Alum Member
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    I found the hardest to be PT 65, PT 71, PT 72, and PT 76.
  • StopLawyingStopLawying Alum Member
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    62 was hard because of games but the really generous curve made up for it. Found 75 to be real tough also. And agree with the above poster, 72 was really hard, every section on that test was tough.
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    The LSAT curve should balance things out. That being said, certain tests have little nuances that make them challenging. For example, a strange logic game or a very difficult passage. These hard parts are balanced out by the curve or by easier questions on other parts of the test. However, the hard parts can be very disorienting and scary, which might cause a score drop. If you encounter such a test, I highly recommend you really make good use of it. Do a thorough blind review (as you always should) and write out explanations for the hard questions you circled. Write down why each right answer is right and why each wrong answer is wrong. As @danielznelson pointed out, you can learn a lot from these "hard" tests.

    Without spoiling anything by mentioning content, here are some newer tests I found challenging: PT 65, PT 72, PT 74, PT 76. Good luck in your studies.
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