What is confirmation letter?(accomodation)

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What is "confirmantion letter"?
When do they upload it?
Is it a letter that tells us which test test center we are assigned to?
It says "granted" on the other letter they uploaded, but it also says they will send/upload cinfirmation letter...what is this?



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    They upload it around two weeks before the test date, mine was exactly 10 days before the September LSAT. The confirmation letter will confirm what sections you are going to take and what time you will have on them. It will also give you your proctors name & number. You call them and confirm with them and then you MUST bring your confirmation letter with you, don't be me and forget to even print it.
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    @dmtavera1 that's weird; they didn't even ask me for my confirmation letter at my center
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    Ah, got it, thanks.
    Other than that, we should just bring the same things as other students right?
    Can we have some snacks during the rest time between each section?
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    Yes you can have snacks. Just no glass or aluminum bottles or cans.
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    @BruiserWoods In my case, my proctor made me run out to my car grab my phone screenshot the letter and e-mail it to her.
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    @dmtavera1 oh my god that's so scary! I'm glad I brought mine just in case. Proctors can be different across test centers, it seems.
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    Thanks :)

    Oh...I'll def. print it out...thanks for the advice.
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    blessed is the name of God

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