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Last one month before the test: How to study?

orangebeerorangebeer Alum Member
in General 216 karma
Hello, I'm wondering, what and how should we study in this last month? Just reviewing?
Suppose we can devote full-time for studying...what would be the best way to use those time for prep for LSAT?



  • Tinyosi1Tinyosi1 Alum Member
    235 karma
    Do you have any "problem areas" on your tests? If so, make sure to devote a good amount of time to focusing on those. This is especially true of Logic Games; conventional wisdom says to study LG rigorously until you can consistently get -0, or at the most -2. This is especially relevant because LG can be improved much more in a month than the others.

    If there is any section you have more or less mastered, be sure to do a section or two of them a week to keep yourself fresh. Of course, I would still do PTs up until about a week before the test.

    When you say "just reviewing" what do you mean? The best way to conquer this test is to actively practice, BR, and then attack your problem areas. If this is what you mean it is a good strategy.
  • Anna MarieAnna Marie Alum Member
    210 karma
    I don't think there's one single way to go about the last month, but here's some general suggestions:
    1) Analyze weaknesses. The earlier, the better. Look at your analytics and see where you can improve, and go back to the core curriculum to reinforce the concepts that need improving.
    2) Routine, routine, routine. Unless you are taking the exam abroad, you'll likely be getting up at some ungodly hour to take this thing. Train your body and brain to be ready for the early morning by waking up every day at the time you will on test day. Go ahead and do some drills in the morning so your brain will be used to thinking that early.
    3) Dress rehearsals. Plan ahead to take some PTs that you treat as a "dress rehearsal" of sorts. That means going through the motions of everything you will do one test morning, up to what you'll eat and how you'll warm up for the test. If you can, drive to your test center and take a PT nearby. Even try simulating the waiting around part as everyone gets checked in to the center. You won't necessarily start right away on test day and should be prepared for that.
    4) Endurance. Even if you have no problem with endurance on your PTs, test day nerves and anxiety can have an impact. Plan ahead for any surprises on the experimental section by trying out back to back RC-RC experimentals and LR-LR-LR experimentals. That way you'll be more prepared for the fatigue that can set in if you get an unlucky draw on test day.
    5) Keep calm and LSAT on. The most important thing in this final month is keeping yourself mentally and physically healthy. Eat well, exercise, meditate, or do what you can to keep your confidence up for test day. You got this.
  • danielznelsondanielznelson Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    4181 karma
    @Tinyosi1 is right on. Definitely work on your problem areas now.

    First off, don't overwork yourself, as you'll be at risk of burning out. I would begin to start working almost exclusively with the newest tests and taking the mid-to-high-160s as well as the 170s, even if they're retakes. In fact, I strongly encourage you do take advantage of retakes; you'll learn a lot from them.

    I would also drill weird LG, which would definitely include a lot of the older LG. But for LR and RC, I would try to stick more with the recent tests, if you can. This can be either through full PTs or individual sections. I would definitely do both.

    Take your last new PT a 1.5-2 weeks out and maybe take one more PT - one you have already taken - five days or so before the real test. Once you're a week or two out, it's probably best to just do some steady drilling. At that point, there isn't any point in cramming (there never is when it comes to the LSAT).
  • Stevie CStevie C Alum Member
    645 karma
    I'm mostly going to drill LG between now and December. I think that will provide me the highest return because LG is my worst section.
  • orangebeerorangebeer Alum Member
    216 karma
    Thank you all.
    I guess I will put more emphasis on my weakest sections/question types and then review. I was wondering to do unseen PTs (old ones) but maybe that's not a good idea...
  • nantesorkestarnantesorkestar Alum Member
    edited November 2016 431 karma
    @danielznelson said:
    I would begin to start working almost exclusively with the newest tests and taking the mid-to-high-160s as well as the 170s, even if they're retakes. In fact, I strongly encourage you do take advantage of retakes; you'll learn a lot from them
    I've taken 55-78. I took PT 51 today and did much worse. Do you think I should still focus on the 60s and 70s retakes in the final weeks? The PT 51 score was pretty disappointing, since I feel that I have been improving. However, I'm aware my scores from retakes are inflated.
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