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Final Week Prep Options

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Hey everyone, hope you are all hanging in there as we approach Saturday. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions/advice about the kind of prep work to do in the last week? I know the idea is to hone in on weaknesses and review the concepts surrounding them. I was wondering if there was anything else to add to that list?

Thanks for any advice/ suggestion you can offer and I wish you all the best of luck!



  • cole.w.murdochcole.w.murdoch Alum Member
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    Going to do two more preptests this week: PT 58 which i failed at miserably the first time I wrote it (wrote it while being constantly interrupted and want to do it again) and then PT 70. I've been scoring around my target consistently so I will be focusing on drilling some more games (circular sequencing, strange groups etc) and doing harder RC sections constantly throughout the week. Thursday will be my last major day of studying with Friday being extremely light with some basic games to keep the brain sharp. Saturday morning I'll be doing the games from PT 59 (found them well rounded and easy) as a warm up.

    I'd focus on doing exactly what you said; weaknesses if you have any major ones, and I think timing is an important aspect that you should keep in mind.

    On another note, I'm making sure I have EVERYTHING packed on Thursday night so the morning of test day, or the day before, I have nothing to worry about.

    Best of luck!
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    Hey thanks a lot! Great idea on re taking PT 58. And I am having everything packed by Thursday night too and in my car Friday morning! I was able to find a great website that has a lot of free LG practice called if you're interested. Do you know where I can find RC questions?
  • cole.w.murdochcole.w.murdoch Alum Member
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    You might be able to find some RC questions around the web, but they are the property of LSAC so you will more than likely have to purchase them. If you sign up with 7sage (full course) you get access to many different PTs each having unique RC sections.
  • godawgs24godawgs24 Alum Member
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    My biggest piece of advice is to not psych yourself out. Do something fun on Friday and do your best not to stress about the test, I know it's harder said than done, we've all been there, but remember you already put in the time and the results will reflect that.
  • elvisliveselvislives Alum Member
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    I second what godawgs24 says :)
  • madeleinemadeleine Alum Member
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    I'm going to take my last PT (70) tomorrow morning. I got permission from my boss to get to work early and take it in the conference room- a 4 section from 8 to 10:30. Then, I'm working until 1 pm and taking the rest of the day off: going to get a massage (CANNOT wait), and then review wrong answers, and go to yoga. I know BR Thurs evening might be weird, but I want to stay alert on what to be careful for Sat. morning. Friday will just be a regular work day (hopefully out a little early!) and then I go to the center near my grandparents, so I will sleep over there. They are my cheerleaders and have been so supportive through the LSAT torture.

    I'm a retaker, and before I took it last year I scored record low PT for my last one. It felt like a huge bummer. But I knew it was just pressure. When I went in on test day, I scored 2 points higher than my average. I'm retaking because of all things, I missed a bubble and it pushed 3 answers back, so unfortunately I could have done even better. Side Note: Do NOT miss a bubble on test day.
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