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Keeping time during the test

cpetrancpetran Alum Member
edited September 2014 in General 28 karma
In the section "Resources for Taking Simulated LSATs" - there is advice on "How to Keep Time"

My question is this: why can't I simply reset the minute hand back to 12 on my analog watch at the beginning of each test section ?

There is no mention of the prohibition of resetting your analog watch here :

It only stipulates...

"Time. Supervisors will keep the official time. You may take an analog (nondigital) wristwatch to the test center. No other timers—including electronic and countdown timers—are allowed."

Rather than wearing three cheap-o Casio watches the day of the exam - is it permissible by the Test Gods to reset my watch after each section ? Or will I find myself tossed out of the testing center like an obnoxious drunk gets thown out of a bar ???


  • joegotbored-1joegotbored-1 Alum Member
    802 karma
    Ha, you won't be tossed out like a drunk. That suggestion was just for convenience. If you have your own timing method that works well and you're confident you can do it quickly and accurately, then do it. I'll be right there with you - one analog watch, resetting the crown each section.

    Good luck!
  • elvisliveselvislives Alum Member
    97 karma
    You can certainly reset your watch after each section without any worry.
  • cpetrancpetran Alum Member
    28 karma
    thanks !

  • bsulli12bsulli12 Member
    edited September 2014 9 karma
    Considering this puppy is allowed, I think you'll be fine:
    I shelled out the money for one myself. Sounds like overkill, I know, but considering that I frequently finish certain sections just barely on time, it's worth it for me to know exactly how many seconds I have left near the end of a section. It's also nice to be able to reset it with the push of a button, and less stressful than trying to wind it back or something in the 30 seconds you get between sections.
  • Quick SilverQuick Silver Alum Inactive Sage
    1049 karma
    I'm doing the 12 o'clock reset method too. It's simple and easy.
  • wipbwipb Alum Member
    13 karma
    You are certainly allowed to reset your watch. The suggestion to have three of them wasn't out of necessity but rather out of convenience. As you are beginning each section resetting the watch is just one more thing to worry about. It should only take 2 seconds realistically but for some people they would rather not have to fiddle with any dials and be able to focus entirely on beginning the next section. The reason that three were suggested is because the LSAT is broken up into two sections of 3 so you could have reset them during the break and not had to worry about it.
  • cpetrancpetran Alum Member
    28 karma
    @ bsulli12

    Are you absolutely positive that timepiece is allowed ?

    LSAC states a very blanket prohibition: "no other timers —including electronic and countdown timers"

    ... and your watch there looks exactly like a "countdown timer"

    Be careful !
  • cpetrancpetran Alum Member
    28 karma
    @ wipb

    I got you on why the three casios were suggested... but struck me as complete overkill...
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