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Just took PT 79... RC just killed my score

Vickpetrosian1Vickpetrosian1 Free Trial Member
edited December 2016 in General 139 karma
check it out PT 79....LR -4 LG -5 ( usually 2-3), -3LR........-14 RC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please what is wrong with me !!!


  • Q.E.DQ.E.D Alum Member
    556 karma
    The 70s sound fun man
  • SamiSami Live Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    10746 karma
    @Vickpetrosian1 said:
    please what is wrong with me !!!
    There is nothing wrong with you <3 What do you usually get on RC and how were you feeling when you took that section? Are you taking the test this Saturday?
  • EmmaWI88EmmaWI88 Alum Member
    213 karma
    That RC section is pretty rough. Don't feel too bad :)
  • twssmithtwssmith Alum
    edited December 2016 5120 karma
    @Vickpetrosian1 said:
    -14 RC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please what is wrong with me !!!
    Nothing is wrong with you!!! I sat for that test and I had weaknesses in RC that were exposed just as you did - but it was a practice test for you and there is the value. Please do a thorough BR of the RC section so that you can catch the nuances of the passages and questions. Many people have shared that the RC was a difficult section on this PT while others struggled on LG. Focus on what this test gave you as a gift as a PT to expose your weaknesses. Was it passage types that caused issues, questions types or timing?

    Your other sections are strong so delve into RC and maintain your abilities in LR - and for LG figure out why you missed 5 - was it the virus game or not being able to move quicker in the easier games?
    Hope this helps:)
  • sweezyseasonsweezyseason Member
    262 karma
    DONT WORRY, same thing happened to me with 79...usually get around 20/21 on RC and I got 15
  • jaylenosgaragejaylenosgarage Alum Member
    70 karma
    @sweezyseason what was your RC score average in 70s other than 79?
  • sweezyseasonsweezyseason Member
    262 karma
    @jaylenosgarage I got 23 on 71, 70 I got 20, 72 I got 22
    Can't remember the rest those are just in front of me right now! But never have scored 15, that RC section put me to sleep I found it so difficult to focus
  • sman5454sman5454 Alum Member
    41 karma
    Been there!!! -14 on reading, -15, on reading, -13 on reading, while destroying LG & LR.

    I've learned to slow down and really focus all my attention on the passage itself, and making sure I understand every single bit of what it's saying. If there's anything that I don't have a full grasp on, I re-read, KNOWING that the LSAT is going to test you on purposely ambiguous ideas.

    This helped me get down to a -9/-8. RC has always been my toughest section, but I'm making vast improvements by just making sure I fully comprehend what I'm reading. I realized that, for instance, if paragraph one talks about A, and paragraph two talks about B, I understand those two concepts, but I fail to understand how A & B relate or contrast. Most of the RC questions will test the relationships between the paragraphs and ideas. Slowing down (even under the intense pressure) has been a big help.
  • desire2learndesire2learn Member
    1171 karma
    There are two things I would consider. First, there are some passages that just don't speak to the individual reader. I would say they are rare though so I would not hastily assign this as the likely explanation, but it is good to note that it does happen sometimes.
    Second, how are you right now in terms of sleep and burnout? I find there is a MASSIVE difference in my comprehension variability with even slight amounts of not enough sleep. Burnout can do the same.
    Realize that the LSAT exploits all weaknesses but do not dwell on them, learn and move on.
    Make sure your sleep is at pristine levels, take breaks to stay excited about the LSAT, and then be super thorough if seeing what weaknesses you should address from this experience. PTs are just tools that help you know where you can still improve!
    You can do this.
  • Vickpetrosian1Vickpetrosian1 Free Trial Member
    139 karma
    Thank you to my 7 sage family i cant respond to all of you but in short i really appreciate all support and advice... Yes unfortunately my exam is this saturday my last pt and review is toomrow ...friday i rest and saturday time for action ... but im very nervous....specifaclly because of RC ive worked so hard guys and im not saying this to self pitty but everyone on here understands my sorrow more than anyone else...
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