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Lets talk about Funny stuff that Happened at our test centers

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  • psbrathwaitepsbrathwaite Legacy Member
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    1) has the right to
    2) said fk it
    3) lmao
  • CommerceCommerce Alum Member
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    similar experience with 3) today, people not knowing the rules, proctor asked if anyone had a cell phone, 6 people put up their hands and handed her their cell phones...
  • joegotbored-1joegotbored-1 Alum Member
    802 karma
    Bah, my experience was totally underwhelming. Nothing special to report. The chairs were even comfortable! I had trained for months on a crappy wooden chair so I'd be ready if they gave us junk chairs.

    With the exception of how long it took to get started (there were about 70 of us and they went 1 by 1 for paperwork), it was pretty good.
  • ENTJENTJ Alum Inactive ⭐
    3658 karma
    The chairs were probably comfortable due to your rigid and methodic training with uncomfortable wooden chairs!

    I myself know for a fact that the test center I'm taking it at will be using the tiny little desks attached to chairs. So that should be fun..
  • The NoodleyThe Noodley Alum Member
    662 karma
    I took the test at Pace. The experience was horrible. We were assigned to take the test on the sixth floor. There was construction going on the seventh floor. They told us that they could not tell the workers to stop the construction because the construction must be done today. They did not do any construction during the weekdays and saved the work for today. We were told that we had the option either to take the test or reschedule our tests to Dec. Many of the test takers decided to cancel their tests.
  • yeah thats not good bud. My condolences.
  • DrackedaryDrackedary Legacy Member
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    This is a story from a friend who took the LSAT earlier in the year. One of the test takers took her cellphone into the exam room and forgot to turn off the ringer. It went off. Now, you would think she might scramble to shut it off. Instead, she answered it.

    Proctors evicted her.
  • indiaholtindiaholt Alum Member
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    In the middle of the LG section the proctor came around and snatched our seat number cards off of our desks.. a little unnerving when you're deep in thought and the all of a sudden a hand is there... thinking about complaining
  • ENTJENTJ Alum Inactive ⭐
    3658 karma
    A friend of mine told me she knew of a guy that had paid for a private tutor for a whole year (yes I balked at the quick calculation of what a year's worth of tutoring would/could cost). He was so overly confident, on the writing portion he just drew a big happy face. From what I heard (mind you...this is a secondhand anecdote) he couldn't get into a t14 school despite getting in the 99th percentile on the exam.
  • LSATPuppyLSATPuppy Alum Member
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    I also took the the exam at Pace! There was construction but the proctor was amazing (literally my hero). She spent 10 minutes looking for the source of the construction and when she couldn't ask them to stop, she moved us into a different room. She was determined because "this is the most important exam in our lives thus far". I wanted to cry!
  • ENTJENTJ Alum Inactive ⭐
    edited September 2014 3658 karma
    Wow! Talk about THE superlative version of a proctor! Hopefully you responded to her awesomeness with an equally awesome LSAT score. ^_^d
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