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Official December LSAT Discussion Thread



  • dantlee14dantlee14 Member
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    @bruingirl1205 I'm in the same exact boat. This was my first take, I similarly got rekt on LG 3 and 4 and was flustered going into Section 5 LR. I know that I didn't hit my target score (172+), but I'm not planning on cancelling - most law schools, even the top 6 or 7, don't average your scores anymore and just look at the best score instead. If you cancel, you won't even have a baseline score as a frame of reference going forward.

    I initially had been planning on applying this cycle, sending in my applications as soon as I received my December score, but I'm increasingly leaning towards waiting until next cycle. I'll be traveling for work in February so I won't be able to take that test, and I don't think that two months would have been enough time for me to improve significantly and not burn out at the same time, anyway. It really sucks, and I'd hoped that I would finally be free from LSAT studying, but it's not the end of the world.
  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
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    You guys have been great at not breaking the rules this LSAT, rejoice! lol :P
  • jennilynn89jennilynn89 Alum Member
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    @bruingirl1205 that sucks, I'm really sorry to hear that :( It's not a good feeling. Same here. I was VERY confident in the first three sections (got a little stumped on RC... but its one of my weakest sections, so no surprise in that one) but man that second half... it killed me. I tried my best to keep my anxiety in check, and it went through the roof after that LG section and I couldn't keep it together. I was literally shaking on the last LR section.

    I don't think I will cancel. When I took the LSAT last year, I felt pretty confident, but then found out I totally bombed. This time around I feel like I completely bombed, so hopefully the opposite will happen? A girl can dream...
    If this was your first time, you always have February to retake, or you can make the very tough decision to delay for another year, study your butt off and retake next year in September or December. It's what I had to do last year after seeing my score. I knew there was no way I could increase my score in just a month or two.

    So at this point I honestly think I am done. I need to start school next year, and there is no way I am delaying another year. I also think that if I take the risk to re-take again in February the same thing could happen all over again and my test anxiety will ruin everything and then it'll be really really late into the application process and I'l end up with 3 horrible or mediocre scores.
  • mariam_y1mariam_y1 Member
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    Those two games were horrific. But I know once JY posts the videos for the games, they were SO many inferences we could've made right off the bat <\3
  • bbutlerbbutler Legacy Inactive ⭐
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    @bruingirl1205 and @jennilynn89 I feel you guys' pain. This was my second attempt and I had routinely been scoring in the mid/upper 160's with the occasional 170+. I did great up until the break, overall RC has been my worst section and the other passages I felt I was doing good on up until the last passage then it went downhill. I was so excited to see LG for the 4th section and was feeling like this is it, is all setting up for a 170+ but I completely bombed.

    I'm still on the fence on whether to cancel or not because I know that this score isn't going to get me into my dream school (UVA) and more then likely is going to be at least 5 points below where I've been scoring. Jenni Lynn I know this is the toughest thing in the world to hear right now but take a couple days off before you make any final decision on settling and just starting law school. I'm in the same boat as you I took in October 2015 didn't do well at all and I started studying, I definitely got distracted and pulled in different directions and I know I didn't do well enough on my prep to deserve where I'm capable of scoring. This is just all part of our journey, I know that everyone in this group is destined for greatness and can slay this test and waiting another year for law school is easier said then done but that's what I'm going to do. Idk if you've joined the BR group but I highly recommend it to keep morale up and power through those days you don't want to do anything, I didn't take advantage of it before when I should have and I fully believe that could be the difference. Don't sell yourself short because the noise around you is saying "Go to Law School, are you ever going to move on with your career, so and so just graduated and you're still studying for that test, it's just a test how hard can it be... They have no idea what they're saying but you do, focus on you and what you want and deserve.

    Bruingirl1205 you're in a great position overall especially if it's your first take. Just take a deep breath and relax in the fact that if you scored 164+ you still scored better then 90% of people who take the test. My advice would be if this was your first keep the score and plan on taking in February, if you feel ready then. But do NOT take it if you're not consistently scoring where you want it to be at. I would be willing to bet if you apply late and have a 172+ like you say you are, you're going to get accepted into some great schools and the worst part is that if you don't get in you still have a great application for next cycle. Everything is done and handled and now you have a year to focus on you and preparing for law school/afterwards. Do some things non-related to the LSAT, travel, work, get mentally ready for the next 3 years. Everything happens for a reason and I can tell you that 5 years from now when you're graduating from law school you'll look back and say wow it all worked out right now.

    But overall to both of you I know that you'll make the right decisions for you. Know that you're not alone in this the entire 7sage community is with you. For now just take a day or two and relax before you make any decisions on your future, I have no doubt whatever you decide will be right!

  • S.P. 170S.P. 170 Alum Member
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    @jennilynn89 Precisely my experience! If that 2nd LR were real, that would be so good... but people are saying it wasn't the real one. Seemed too easy anyhow.
  • S.P. 170S.P. 170 Alum Member
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    @bruingirl1205 Don't cancel. Since this is your first write, at least use it as a diagnostic. If you cancel you won't see your score.
  • sonya.mollemasonya.mollema Member
    edited December 2016 3 karma
    I got RC LR LG LR LG. I cannot remember which LG was which. Can anyone confirm whether the 3rd or 5th was the real deal? From what I remember 5th was a disaster for me
  • bruingirl1205bruingirl1205 Alum Member
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    @sonya.mollema the LG Section with oil paintings and trading buildings was the real LG
  • emilycyoung1emilycyoung1 Member
    234 karma
    Anyone have any idea what the curve could be for this LSAT?
  • esteeroseesteerose Alum Member
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    @jennilynn89 I signed up for Feb. I called LSAC, they said since the december scores come out later, I can request a refund for Feb if I decide not to take it.
  • mcmlaw36mcmlaw36 Alum Member
    edited December 2016 631 karma
    @esteerose Thanks for the info! I already added Feb to my law school application as a future LSAT date. I'll register halfway through Dec. (lol - broke life of a uni grad... waiting for my next pay cycle). Then I at least have the option of re-writing if it comes down to it.
  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
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    @sonya.mollema said:
    I got RC LR LG LR LG. I cannot remember which LG was which. Can anyone confirm whether the 3rd or 5th was the real deal? From what I remember 5th was a disaster for me
    Just fyi, the sections for experimental and real can be different for everyone, even if you both had LG experimental sections.
  • svjava23svjava23 Alum Member
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    @jennilynn89 and @bbutler you both are in the same exact predicament I'm in. This was my second take, my first was October 2016 & it was not good at all. I felt good until the LG section & now I am completely lost on my next move. I don't know if I should sign up for the February exam, because who's to say there won't be some crazy game again... do you guys have any insight on what to do?
  • jennilynn89jennilynn89 Alum Member
    822 karma
    @bbutler thank you for your thoughtful input! Means a lot! It really is tough going through this experience, studying so hard just to fall back down. You're right. I'm going to take a couple of days off, contemplate my fate and go from there.
    I honestly don't believe that I can do that much better in February (if faced with a similar challenge again), so I don't think that taking Feb would increase my chances that much.

    I talked to a friend of mine (who's a lawyer) and he said that he got a pretty low score on his LSAT too, went to a lower school and did really well and everything kind of worked out from there... so we shall see. I'm almost thinking about going ahead and just applying to schools with my score now, seeing what I get back as far as acceptances and scholarship offers, and if there's really nothing in there that matches my goal school acceptance's and good scholarship offers, I am very seriously going to think about delaying another year and starting to study for June or September next year.

    @esteerose That's true! I forgot about that part. Not sure I'll sign up. I don't think it'll be worth it for me. But I do wish you the best of luck! Hopefully we both did a lot better than we think we did!
  • jennilynn89jennilynn89 Alum Member
    822 karma
    @svjava23 Feel free to PM me if you wanna talk!
  • jaybee88jaybee88 Alum Member
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  • LSAT04164LSAT04164 Alum Member
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    @"J. Tharp" said:
    She was seriously like furiously scribbling and SO MUCH ERASING... on an LR section! Like what are you erasing?
    Everyone's test is in different order, she was probably doing LG
  • bbutlerbbutler Legacy Inactive ⭐
    401 karma
    @svjava23 if it helps I'm aiming to take the LSAT in June and then go from there after I talk with my admissions team. I'm doing it for one main reason and if you're familiar with the movie Chasing Mavericks it makes a lot of sense. We all approach the LSAT like a normal test, how you do when everything goes right, but in actuality the LSAT tests you on how well you do when everything goes wrong. I know that right now I can get my dream score (170+) if everything goes right but when everything goes wrong I'm down lower. I understand that this is going to put me in the next cycle but I'd rather get to the school I want a year from now then go to a school I don't want just to say I'm in law school this cycle.

    @jennilynn89 I think that's a great idea to do you don't need to make a decision now. But if you do decide to take it again in June/September I HIGHLY recommend you join the BR group in here. With everything we've been through everyone needs motivation and inspiration.

    Either one of you feel free to PM me and we can talk further if you want! Good Luck!
  • emuthebirdemuthebird Member
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    @jaybee88 said:
    Did anyone else think the insider trading passage was kind of difficult?

    Ugh... overall I feel ok and feel that the test was fair. But the real RC was my first section and I wasn't as focused as I ought to have been :( sucks considering it was supposedly on the easy side. Hopefully my intuition kicked in... and I am with all of you on the logic games section lol...
    Finally someone else that had this experience with RC!! It was my first section too and for some reason I had to re-read the first paragraph like 10 times because I could not focus. Luckily I had the real LG 5th section and I actually didn't think it was too bad, got through all 4 games. Hoping that makes up for my uncertain RC section (doesn't help that my average RC can vary from -2 to -8) sigh.
  • emuthebirdemuthebird Member
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    @"S.P. 170" said:
    I don't like iguanas any more... well at least not when they're floating on an island to America.
    LOL... I just had an epiphany reading this, I now remember reading the 5 answers choices and confidently crossing them off one by one being like "Nope, definitely not the right answer. Nope! not that one either.." all the way until I crossed off E and thought, shit.. there's no right answer eh?
  • beerpub16beerpub16 Member
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  • mcmlaw36mcmlaw36 Alum Member
    edited December 2016 631 karma
    @emuthebird said:
    I now remember reading the 5 answers choices and confidently crossing them off one by one being like "Nope, definitely not the right answer. Nope! not that one either.." all the way until I crossed off E and thought, shit.. there's no right answer eh?
    This made me laugh. I think we've all been there!
  • Creasey LSATCreasey LSAT Legacy Member
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    Did any 2LR people have these questions:

    1. workplace internet blocking
    2. textile imports
  • ToxoplasmosisToxoplasmosis Alum Member
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    Anyone know if the trout fishing NA LR question was real? Spent alot of time there until I realized I was being dumb
  • roblim92roblim92 Legacy Member
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    @Toxoplasmosis said:
    Anyone know if the trout fishing NA LR question was real? Spent alot of time there until I realized I was being dumb
    Yep that's real.
  • tjphilbricktjphilbrick Alum Member
    edited December 2016 174 karma
  • I had two LG sections, the extraordinarily difficult one will be the experimental as a friend of mine wrote at the same time and she didn't have it on hers. Both LG's in my opinion were on the extremely difficult side.
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