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Starting in the Middle of LR

Peter ParkerPeter Parker Member
edited July 2013 in Logical Reasoning 13 karma
Just came across a discussion where LSAT takers were saying they start at the middle of the LR sections, essentially getting the hardest questions out of the way first. then working on the easier ones last (1-10/11), since you can speed read those quicker. Do you recommend this approach? I've never heard of this before, they say this is where they saw their biggest jumps.


  • bedouinbedouin Member
    25 karma
    Hey Peter,

    This is the first time I've heard of this.
    I'm thinking, though, what if you spend too much time on the hard questions and lose out on points that you'd earn on the easy questions?

    I'm a bit skeptical, to be honest.
  • ctham001ctham001 Member
    2 karma
    I am going to try it out because I finish 5 minutes to spare every time. I'll get back to You guys.
  • 2 karma
    Tag. Id like to know the answer to this as well, its something I've considered.
  • Peter ParkerPeter Parker Member
    13 karma
    Bedouin, I think the point of this method was to spend a little more time on the hard questions, then when you get to 1-10, you can read quickly through those and finish those in 10min or under. I just tried this method tonight, and I got more right in the 11-20 than I normally do, but I did find my self having to not finish 23-25 (granted, I still can't seem to finish the LR sections, I usually have a lot more to guess on, but tonight I only had to guess on about 3 questions, so I think I will keep trying this method, to see if it pays dividends, it can't hurt to try.

    After trying this method tonight, I had about 3 min to spare on 20-25, hence I had to guess on the last three, but one thing I did not do was skip any questions I had a hard time with, which I normally do, so maybe I'll skip any tough ones that tend to take too much time..
    Let us know how you fare, Ctham001
  • paulfan2011paulfan2011 Member
    125 karma
    Are you guys trying this with a full 4 section tests? One of the problems I anticipate is that your brain get fatigued after working on hard questions for a long period of time and you'll miss the easy questions. Imagine just finishining a 4 passage hard reading comp and diving right into the hardest questions of LG section without doing a few easy ones to ease in.

    I prefer to do 1-10 first, then 21-25 within 15 mins and 11-20 last within the remaining 20 mins.
  • Peter ParkerPeter Parker Member
    13 karma
    Paulfan2011...I think this only pertains to the LR section....but your method could work also, I think it depends on each individual comfort level.
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