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177, thank you 7sage!

CrystallCrystall Alum Member
edited January 2017 in General 151 karma
This was my first LSAT, my goal was 175, I ended up getting 177, and I am beyond happy! I couldn't have done it without 7sage's LG guides.

For people who are curious, my diagnostic was somewhere around 162-166, timed. My worst section at first by far was LG.
I studied intensely around 1.5 to 2 months, took a 1 month break, then spent 1 month doing a few practice tests a week. Prior to the test, my PT score average was around 175.

To study, I used the LSAT Trainer and 7sage for LG. I later also bought ACE The LSAT Logic Games book for practice (I didn't use the techniques, I just did the games for warmup and practice). I started with the LSAT Trainer techniques, then changed my LG techniques to 7sage's after.

Also, the Blind Review sessions hosted by JY are invaluable. Make sure you go to those for at least one practice test; I went to almost all the sessions for PT 78, and it helped so much even though it was right before the actual test date. I didn't realize how little I understood about each answer choice until I had to explain it to other people.

Thanks again 7sage, you guys are the best, and you probably helped me get into my dream law school!


  • Q.E.DQ.E.D Alum Member
    556 karma
    Well done! Everyone says the games were tough. Can you give us your evaluation? What was the difficulty? How "weird" we're they, really?
  • Dark Knight VDark Knight V Member
    194 karma
    Wow congrats @Crystall !
  • stgl1230stgl1230 Member
    821 karma
    Wow, that is amazing, congratulations @Crystall !!
  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11536 karma
    Wow that's so awesome. You earned it!
  • CrystallCrystall Alum Member
    151 karma
    @Q.E.D Thanks!! I definitely think the LSAC is trying to re-introduce less predictable LG games now, starting with the Virus Game. I found most of the PT's in the 60's and 70's before that point very easy by comparison. Personally, I think the early LG's are still the most unusual (PT 1-40). The December LSAT LG was a breeze for me because I had taken so many of those early LG's, and became used to being surprised. Practicing early LG's is my best advice for tackling unusual games. Also, JY had some great advice; usually you mess up in these games because you panic. The games aren't actually more difficult, they're just more unusual. So if you stay calm and just do what you always do, going through the rules and making inferences, you'll be fine.
  • CrystallCrystall Alum Member
    151 karma
  • Stevie CStevie C Alum Member
    edited January 2017 645 karma
    The fact that you got a 177 with less than 3 months of prep is awesome. You are a superstar. Congrats!
  • dennisgerrarddennisgerrard Monthly + Live Member
    1644 karma
    Congrats!! Any advice on LR and RC?? @Crystall
  • CrystallCrystall Alum Member
    151 karma
    Thanks @"Stevie C" !!
  • Abster HopeAbster Hope Alum Member
    edited January 2017 36 karma
    @Crystall congrats on your score, i'm about to begin prepping for the LSAT. Can you give me some tips on how you studied the logical reason and reading comprehension sections ?
    How many months did you study for before you took your LSAT?
  • CrystallCrystall Alum Member
    151 karma
    @dennisgerrard I don't have any special advice, but I did follow the advice of people from TLS and 7sage forums!

    For LR, definitely do blind review, and try to explain why each wrong answer choice is 100% wrong. I honestly didn't BR as much as I should have, but the few times I did do it, it helped immensely. Also, get really good at knowing when answer choices are irrelevant; it will save you tons of time. Finally, timing: I tried to do the first 15 questions in 15 minutes, and eventually I could do the first 20 in 20 minutes, while marking questions I was unsure about. You have to find a good pace for yourself so you have enough time to return to hard questions at the end of the section, while not messing up on the easy questions.

    For RC, as you read, make sure you understand most of what you're reading. I always underlined and circled the passages as I read, not because the markings did anything, but just to make sure I was actually logically processing every sentence. As JY put it, get a "low-res" version of the passage at the minimum, and understand every major argument, but aim for "hi-res", where you retain some of the details too. But my BEST advice that helped me the most on RC is to get really good at eliminating answer choices. What got me to -0 to -1 on RC is to get into the habit of identifying the most dubious part of every answer choice. For example, words like "none" or "all", definitive language like "will" or "is", or really strong adjectives. Usually the least dubious/least out of scope choice is your best bet!

    Sorry this was so long, hope it helps though!
  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Monthly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
    27547 karma
    @"Stevie C" said:
    You are a superstar.
    Second! Congrats!
  • danielznelsondanielznelson Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    4181 karma
    Wow! Way to go!
  • CrystallCrystall Alum Member
    151 karma
  • dennisgerrarddennisgerrard Monthly + Live Member
    1644 karma
    @Crystall Very appreciated for your advice!!!Will apply the methods in future study.
  • CrystallCrystall Alum Member
    151 karma
    @Abster.A Hey Abster, I studied very intensely for 1.5 to 2 months (it was over the summer, so I would study for most of the day), then for the last month before the LSAT I did 4 to 5 preptests a week. For most people obviously I would recommend not doing what I did and spreading it out more, but knowing my own personality I have a much better chance sticking to my study schedule if I concentrate it in a short period. For LR and RC, I highly recommend the LSAT Trainer, the Manhattan LSAT Forums for explanations on answers you get wrong, and also check out my advice in my reply to dennisgerrard. Best of luck on your LSAT journey!
  • Not Ralph NaderNot Ralph Nader Alum Member Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
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  • CrystallCrystall Alum Member
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  • Bevs ScooterMinionBevs ScooterMinion Alum Member
    1018 karma
    WELL DONE INDEED! And thank you for the detailed study advice!
  • Jessica_KubaJessica_Kuba Monthly Member
    461 karma
    Congratulations :)
  • tams2018tams2018 Alum Member
    727 karma
    LSAT score goals. Congratulations!
  • Help2222Help2222 Member
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  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
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  • westcoastbestcoastwestcoastbestcoast Alum Member
    3788 karma
    great score!!!
  • apublicdisplayapublicdisplay Alum Member
    edited January 2017 696 karma
    "Sorry this was so long" . . . We hang on your every word. Trust me, it can't be long enough.
  • CrystallCrystall Alum Member
    151 karma
    @ScooterMinion Thank you!! I read a lot of these posts by high-scorers while I was studying, so I hoped this would be helpful for other people in the same position!
  • CrystallCrystall Alum Member
    151 karma
    @apublicdisplay Haha I'm glad you guys found it helpful, let me know if you have any more questions!
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