about the extra time , do you think i'll get it?

theLSATdreamertheLSATdreamer Alum Member
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I'm prior service and had two of my army psychiatrists write me a letter to send to the LSAT people asking for extra time due to my ptsd and the fact that i have minor ADHD take ritalin and propranolol for tests,how are they with giving extra time? is it a difficult process? anyone think i have a chance?


  • Jonathan WangJonathan Wang Yearly Sage
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    Taking your story at face value, and not knowing any specifics, it seems pretty likely you'll get it. But LSAC can be inconsistent and weird about this stuff, so best to act like you don't have it until you have the approval letter in your hands.
  • theLSATdreamertheLSATdreamer Alum Member
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    @"Jonathan Wang" thats what i figured, i mean i'll keep hoping, i have letters from two doctors hopefully itll help thank you for the advice

  • Creasey LSATCreasey LSAT Member
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    If you had a neuropsych evaluation and the psychiatrist knew what he/she was doing, you should be fine.

  • theLSATdreamertheLSATdreamer Alum Member
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    @"Creasey LSAT" i did, by two Veteran Hospital psychiatrist so hopefully thats enough for hte LSAC

  • sweezyseasonsweezyseason Member
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    @"theLSATdreamer " I just applied for the February cycle a few months ago and was approved! Based on what you have written you should be good. Just make sure you submit all the documents you can, I got my family doctor to write a written statement about my disorder, my psychiatrist's original diagnostic report, and a letter from my university regarding accommodations that I had received in the past.

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