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We are excited to Kick-off a JUNE Weeknight Study Group starting next Wednesday 7pm EST!

twssmithtwssmith Alum
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Since the LSAT may not always be straight forward...
Study Groups are available to help prepare for the unexpected and answer those "curve breaker" questions!!

The Weeknight Study Group will complement the Saturday Study Group sharing the same schedule providing more options to address everyone’s study needs. A new feature for the PT specific BR calls is for everyone to ask specific “priority” questions that they personally want to review with the study group which hopefully will allow anyone in different time zones to join at any point during the session and gain the benefit of review.

Studying part-time over the past year plus, the BR calls have been invaluable to me and offered many occasions to lead calls throughout past testing cycles. Vanessa @nessa.k13.0 has already started providing the Saturday group with workshops and we are collaborating with Josh @"Cant Get Right" on expanding the Study Group into so much more than a BR call with opportunities to enhance the entire PT/post curriculum prep experience - Sage led workshops and RC/LG intensives – details to follow based on each of the Study Groups needs and requests:)

Look forward to seeing you Wednesday and/or Saturday nights – you never know who might show up to lend their expertise??!!

I will be posting details for Wednesday night PT60 soon. Let me know if you want to continue to be tagged in future posts:)

(Thanks @montaha for the gif:)

Tentative study schedule


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