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"Intense prep for Law School Admissions Test alters brain structure"


  • SamiSami Alum Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    10721 karma

    I have read that before and that's so interesting! I am no longer that same person that I was when I started studying for this test. It makes sense in a way : )

  • poohbearpoohbear Alum Member
    496 karma

    Thanks for the share! I'm was a psych major so this is totally up my alley :smile:

    We're literally exercising our brains while we're prepping for this test! Absolutely love it.

  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11536 karma

    I'm a believer.

  • Mo ZubairMo Zubair Alum Member
    391 karma

    Life definitely changes after you take on LSAT prep. I hear arguments (on tv or just like anywhere)) and start thinking about how to weaken or strengthen them depending on text. And God, how crap are the arguments we hear everyday in our lives. I can't watch CNN anymore. Haha!

    This study explains it!!

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