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I need help navigating the scholarships vs. waitlist process.

LSATtruth.LSATtruth. Alum Member


I've been put on the preferred waitlist at two t-14 school and wont know if I got off the waitlist until after May. However, one of the non- t-14 but still really solid school gave me until May,1st to accept the full scholarship public interest fellowship and if I don't accept it by then, I won't receive the full ride. However accepting the fellowship means that I have to withdraw my application from all other schools. Honestly, I want to be a public interest lawyer and the school which I received a full ride to is a very strong program for that. However, the two t-14 schools I was waitlisted at have more name recognition but since I was waitlisted I assume I wont be receiving much if any scholarships to go into those schools even if accepted, is that a correct assumption? Is getting the risk of the waitlist at a t-14 worth passing up a full ride scholarship?


  • danielznelsondanielznelson Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
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    Update the T-14 schools with your udpate to see if they'll move now in light of your situation.

  • texvd1988texvd1988 Member
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    What's a preferred waitlist? There are multiple kinds of waitlist?

  • stgl1230stgl1230 Member
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    If you poke around TLS, there is a thread that shows how many admits from each T14 comes off the waitlist. For some schools being on the waitlist is better than others - if I recall correctly, getting off the waitlist at Harvard is statistically easier than getting off the waitlist at say, Duke.

    Coming off the waitlist does not necessarily mean that you won't get money. Lots of T14 schools have money for waitlisted students, but I would absolutely not bank on it. And of course it won't be a full ride, but T14s tend to have good LRAP programs.

    I think that riding out the waitlist is only "worth it" if you have specific PI goals. If you want to work at the very elite top of PI, say at the ACLU and you're on the Harvard waitlist, wait it out. Top PI jobs are crazy competitive and you really need to be at a T14.

    Otherwise, I would probably take the PI fellowship, given that it's in the first half of the T1. But like someone said above, definitely e-mail those schools you're on the waitlist for and tell them your situation. They might change their mind and admit you, or decide to let you go. It'll hopefully make your decision easier. Congrats and best of luck @"LSATtruth." !!

    @accountformerlyknowasvd1988 I believe GULC and possibly Cornell have a preferred waitlist. Oh and Duke has like priority reserve or something. Basically they divide their waitlists into two (or more) camps. They pull from the preferred waitlist first and then the regular waitlisters if everyone in the preferred group turns them down.

  • AlejandroAlejandro Member Inactive ⭐
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    I recommend you read this and follow this advise above all else:

  • Mellow_ZMellow_Z Alum Member
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    @Alejandro said:
    I recommend you read this and follow this advise above all else:

    I've literally never seen anyone mention or link this article before. Awesome find.

    I'm surprised there isn't ramifications against those who don't follow the Good Admissions and Financial Aid Practices who are a part of the LSAC. It seems every year you see multiple people posting about similar situations.

  • LSATtruth.LSATtruth. Alum Member
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    Should I explain just what I said her> @Alejandro said:

    I recommend you read this and follow this advise above all else:

    Wow! Seriously! Thank you so much for this!

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