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Looking to buy 180 Watch

madeleinemadeleine Alum Member
edited October 2014 in General 259 karma
PM me if you're looking to sell yours!


  • Quick SilverQuick Silver Alum Inactive Sage
    1049 karma
    Don't do it. Mine is a POS. Just get the casio watch with a bezel to mark 35 and keep resetting hand to 12:00 (it takes a second to do):
  • burstei6burstei6 Alum Member
    138 karma
    Rotating bezel is the move, trust me, there is nothing more annoying than having another thing to fuss with besides actually writing the exam during test day.
  • LeoFiro8LeoFiro8 Alum Member
    244 karma
    What is the most simplest watch with the rotating bezel out there? the one posted by quick silver seems a little too busy on the face, anything simple out there that just has a rotating bezel that has passed its test?
  • burstei6burstei6 Alum Member
    138 karma
    I'm not sure of a specific watch with a rotating bezel on it that is simple, I just happened to have a nice divers watch that is simple enough for me to use it with ease. I'm sure you could find one on amazon that will suit your preference.
  • DrackedaryDrackedary Legacy Member
    239 karma
    I'm just curious, is it not standard LSAC procedure to have a giant display of a 35 minute countdown timer? When I wrote it on my first attempt, they had one displayed on screen at the front of the lecture hall. I guess that might depend on the facility?
  • burstei6burstei6 Alum Member
    138 karma
    Definitely not standard for all test centers, that would have been amazing to have at mine considering I left 2 blank at the end of the sections because of the "pencils down" announcement coming earlier than I anticipated.
  • madeleinemadeleine Alum Member
    259 karma
    I'm sorry but the rotating bezel was the WORST. I got the standard casio watch and it threw me off so bad. Maybe I just should have practiced with it more but I did a few PT's with it, and the thing is during the actual test it didn't work for me.

    I took the test the first time with my boyfriends bulova watch (no bezel), and didn't reset it or anything (just added it up in my head), and I had an easier time with it than the bezel. I don't know why.
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