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Logic Games Under Test Pressure?

weirufangweirufang Free Trial Member
edited November 2014 in Logic Games 5 karma
Hi all,

I wanted to get your guys' opinions on how to study for the December retake. I have done almost all the logic games using the foolproof method and was getting -1 or -2 at most leading up to the September test. When it came test day, however, I got two sections of LG in a row — the second of which ended up counting. I remember the games not being particularly difficult, but for whatever reason, my brain refused to work. I got -7 in the end, which hurts my soul. Anyway, I'm wondering if I should chalk it up to test day nerves/fatigue (I redid that particular LG section yesterday and got -2) or if there's something fundamental I'm missing and should review before I retake the test. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!


  • chrijani7chrijani7 Alum Member
    827 karma
    I had a similar issue happen to me during the September exam. I think what happens is that on the practice tests you are a little more "risky". I know it may not seem like it, since you probably are just as anxious on PT's about maximizing score as you are the real thing. But for me, during PT's if I was doing LG and I had a question that said which one CBT? If I tried out A and it worked, I would circle it and move on. I remember this exact situation happening in Game 3 (I believe, haven't looked since i want to use it as a PT), but I had a CBT question, tested A and it worked, but for some reason I felt the need to check BCDE, only to find out A was correct. This ended up costing me time, and I am sure it happened on more than one question.

    So I recommend just trying to get VERY COMFORTABLE with the games. Another thing I blatantly remember is the first game from Sep 2014, I was in the room doing game #1 and I was thinking OMG this game is EXACTLY like the tiara game from like 30's or 40's, but I wasn't as comfortable as i'd like to be with that type of medium difficulty not so often recurring game and ended up wasting a few more minutes than I should have.

    Both these situations drill back to just being comfortable with whatever they throw at you and getting your time down pat. Another thing that I always overlooked until actually writing the test was the importance of doing the easier games faster. This can be a HUGE help for getting through those moments on difficult games where your mind goes blank for a second.
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