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Applying to Law School This Cycle with December LSAT

catDemedicicatDemedici Alum Member
edited October 2014 in December 2014 LSAT 23 karma
Is anyone else balancing applying for law school during this cycle, with studying for the December LSAT? I'm pretty lucky that I got my personal statement and resume done in the weeks after the September LSAT, but now I have to do all the "Why X Law School Essays" and actually submit the damn things. Is anyone applying now and telling the admissions officers to hold off until the December score comes in? Or are you just planning on submitting everything after December 6?


  • msher3msher3 Member
    42 karma
    I will submit everything after the 6th
  • Matt1234567Matt1234567 Inactive ⭐
    1294 karma
    I'm submitting everything before except of course for the lsat score. The only thing is I have to rush the personal statement, since I'm only done the draft and deadlines to apply in canada for most law schools is next week.
  • danballinger5danballinger5 Alum Member
    198 karma
    There is a box in every application for the December LSAT. Check the box and the Law School will know that your LSAT score is pending. The benefit to doing this is that the law schools will have read your personal statement, resume, etc., prior to receiving your score. The admissions office will be able to make a decision as soon as they get your score, rather than adding it to the pile of applications.
  • burstei6burstei6 Alum Member
    138 karma
    When you guys are all saying "submit", do you mean submit to the LSAC credential assembly service so that you can send your apps in as soon as you get your score? Or do you mean that you are submitting your full application to the universities without your December score?
  • Quick SilverQuick Silver Alum Inactive Sage
    1049 karma
    Great Question -Burstei6

    Is there a way to submit applications now without schools seeing my Sept Score - and only seeing my LSAT Scores when December becomes available?

    I ask this because I've heard horror stories about students submitting and asking schools to wait until Dec Scores are released only to have the school turn around and decide before Dec Scores.
  • Marie4lawschoolMarie4lawschool Alum Member
    359 karma
    Schools I've been in touch with say that they will only review my application once my December LSAT score is in (I have a September score already). They can see that I'm registered to sit the December LSAT via the LSAC application so they say they'll hold their review till that score is received. Just make it plain that you're resitting and all should be well.
  • cmb_1992cmb_1992 Alum Member
    48 karma
    Some of the advice in here may be misguided. The schools will NOT read your personal statement, why x essays, letters of rec, or anything like that before they get your December score. They review everything all at one time. Submitting your apps before your retake score will not really be of any benefit. Your application will not go complete until that retake score is in, so there really is not benefit in going ahead and submitting.
  • jdawg113jdawg113 Alum Inactive ⭐
    2654 karma
    Lets do some critical thinking... Almost every school will tell you to submit your app to make sure it is in on time even if you don't get your score yet and they'll process it right away when they get your score.
    OK well why? If they're going to wait to get the score why would they tell you to send it in? its not like the app cost money or that theres a chance you'll be below what you need for that school or way above... OH WAIT! and IMO that is the only difference in sending in apps early. You have ur stuff done, paid your app fee and get to wait to see if thats a school you would even apply to once you get your score.
  • Matt2014Matt2014 Alum Member
    18 karma
    Reading this thread, I was really concerned, until I read cmb_1992's response. From my understanding, LSAC does not send out anything until after it has received all of your information, LSAT score, transcripts, etc. And without LSAC, the law schools do not have much to review.
  • Iggy MinajIggy Minaj Alum Member
    52 karma
    From my understanding, if you submit your app and want schools to look at your December school, you should note it on your application AND notify the school through email. This way, you've done everything to make sure they don't review your app without your December score. If you don't have any previous LSAT scores, the school will wait until your score comes in to review your app, because your app is incomplete without a score.
  • chrijani7chrijani7 Alum Member
    827 karma
    What I don't understand is, is it not MANDATORY to submit your app by the deadline (November 1)...
  • jdawg113jdawg113 Alum Inactive ⭐
    2654 karma
    the deadline isnt Nov 1 (for US anyways) there may be a deadline for a certain type of app but not regular applications
  • LSATislandLSATisland Free Trial Inactive Sage
    1878 karma
    I can speak for some Ontario schools. The deadline is mandatory, but some schools will accept late applications. They will first ask you to send some info (LSAT, transcripts, reason for late application) and the admissions committee will review it to decide if they should accept your late application. If they do, you will then send the regular application.

    Feel free to PM me for more info.
  • shinny117shinny117 Alum Member
    69 karma
    I attended a law fair today and asked 11 schools (all California though) about the application process and they all said that (if Dec lsat score is your first score) they will not review the application because it is not a complete application without the lsat score. They said they will receive it from LSAC as soon as they release the score and then the application will be deemed as complete. All 11 schools said that they don't do "partial" reviews where they first read applications/personal statements, etc.

    Hope this helps!
  • danballinger5danballinger5 Alum Member
    198 karma
    Yeah, I was misinformed. Schools won't evaluate your application until it is complete.
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