LG - Choose answer and move on, or read all choices?

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Hi Guys,

Sorry if this has already been asked and answered! I can't find the answer. I know for logical reasoning questions that you should read all answers to make sure you got the right one, but let's say you have your logic game board and you can see the answer is B, should you just circle it and move on? It would really cut my time down. On the other hand, I know sometimes it could be a confidence error. Some advice would be great.

Thank you!


  • mimimimimimimimi Member
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    For LG, definitely choose one and move on. I sometimes do this for the first ten questions in LR too. Some answer choices are designed to be your energy drainers... I score -2 on LG on average though, if you aim at a perfect score maybe someone else has better advice?
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    Well. It's hard to say, given that we don't know exactly the circumstance you're in for LG, whether you should circle and move on.
    From my experience, if I get a "just circle it and move on" feeling, it's because I'm 150% confident that it's right.
    And I only know if it's 150% right if I have all the variations of the game boards in front of me, I can look at each one quick to confirm, circle, and don't consider the other answers. If that makes sense?
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    @skempins for LG unlike SOME LR and RC questions, where you may be on the fence, that is picking the best answer out of a bunch of poorly worded answer choices, you should be ABSOLUTELY certain of each answer for logic games questions. You pick the answer and move on. When you get good enough you start noticing quickly the correct answers for Must Be True, Cannot be True and Could be True questions. For example if you're playing an In and Out Game, you fail your sufficient condition in a conditional rule you know that the necessary circled floater is the correct answer for a could be true question. You look through the answer choices only to find your answer, pick it, then move on. You should NEVER be guessing the correct answers for logic games questions.
  • skempinsskempins Alum Member
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    Thanks everyone! That's good advice. I only just got to the LG section so still getting the hang of them. I'm good at working the games out, but it's just the time that kills me.
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    When I'm drilling LG, I go through every answer choice so I can understand the reason why it's incorrect. When I'm taking a PT though, I just pick the correct one and move on.
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