Question about including the Dec LSAT in apps - when to send them

sergiokayssergiokays Alum Member
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I was curious to know if anyone has any official understanding of the process behind applying to schools when you're taking the December LSAT.
I have taken the September LSAT and retaking in December - Should i wait until the day after i take the test to send my applications? Or can they be sent earlier, while they wait for my December LSAT grades?
Do all schools ensure you that they will not view your application until the December LSAT is submitted?

any clarification would be greatly appreciated!


  • adrian.mikoadrian.miko Alum Member
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    Not sure about schools in the US, but I know that in Canada the schools have rolling applications, which means they consider your application on an on-going basis. If your application is not "competitive" with your September score, it will be re-evaluated once the December scores come out. The schools can see all your scores, however, many will take your highest score for admission purposes.
  • sergiokayssergiokays Alum Member
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    Still unsure of how it works in the US, as in maybe I can have the option to withhold their actual review of the app before the December LSAT grades are out, or is completed at least. clueless
  • danballinger5danballinger5 Alum Member
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    It would be in your best interest to call LSAC and the individual schools for clarification on this question. Every school may handle the situation differently.
  • Sully8725Sully8725 Alum Member
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    @sergiokays ...
    Lots of schools in the US (I'd argue MOST) have the option when you are filling out your application to have you select which LSAT you have written or are going to write.
    They then process your application if you submit it before writing the December LSAT and then mark it as either: incomplete (awaiting LSAT score), complete (on hold for review after all LSAT score available) or mark it as hold (awaiting LSAT score).
    The application will ask you and guide you through.
    This is in my experience... I am currently in the application cycle and I am writing the December LSAT.
    Hope this helps....
  • LeoFiro8LeoFiro8 Alum Member
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    So is it overall better to do have everything sent and on hold or is it better to take the test and then next day come on and send everything ? or it makes no difference?
  • Sully8725Sully8725 Alum Member
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    Honestly, I don't think it matters... Personally I work full-time and had a week vacation earlier this year so I did all my applications and submitted them so it was done.
    There is likely little gained advantage (if any) to having them submitted, I just did it because between shift work and LSAT prep, it was easier.
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