If you need some motivation!! :) =)

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Hi everyone! If you are like me, you are probably trying very hard to study for the LSAT. Perhaps sometimes you feel like your efforts aren't enough. Or you get frustrated when you feel stuck in area or section. I am a self-declared cheesy person and I love listening to motivational speeches. So if you need any motivation whatsoever, regardless of whether or not it's for the LSAT, below are some motivational youtube videos. If you can, download it into MP3 form and listen to it anytime you need some inspiration. The videos are like mixes of inspirational speeches from films and speakers along with amazing inspirational film scores, which I'm a sucker for. (Who doesn't love a film score from The Dark Knight?!) So if you need that extra push, take some time to watch one of these videos, I promise you will feel refreshed afterwards! Enjoy!!

Why Do We Fail:






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    After listening to this, I scored 5 points higher on my last Prep Test! Wow, who knew how self motivated one can be! Thanks!
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    I am actually a little upset you didnt include any Schwarzenegger motivation vids, he did some pretty solid ones back in the day
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    Here ya go. :D
  • This is great thank you so much!
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    haha aw you went back and grabbed it for me (something I almost did but was too lazy/busy at the time) thanks @licknee10
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    Thanks for the post :)
    Really needed this.
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    Good stuff, thank you!
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    thanks so much!!!!
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    You are all welcome. =)
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    I needed this….as I've been arguing with my whole family.
  • c.avetisyanc.avetisyan Member
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    about how they don't understand how hard getting into law school (particularly the lsat) is.
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    Much needed. And I agree with ya buddy, my family doesn't understand either.
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    I completely and totally agree, as my family also doesn't realize the stress and pressures that the LSAT and law school present; It's really tough. Nevertheless tread lightly with those relationships. In the end it would be a shame to have your accomplishments and no one around to celebrate with.
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    This is perfect! Thank you so much :)
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    Much needed and thank you for sharing!
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    I believe in a tough love style of motivation when I train, so CT Fletcher is my favourite, and this video is my favourite. This video, especially after 1:35, is also relevant to motivate us when people, be they family or friends, don't get the hard work we need to put in to succeed. Don't let anyone drag you down. If you want to succeed, then you need to put in the effort and make sacrifices. It doesn't matter if you are trying to increase your bench press or increase your LSAT score.

    CT Fletcher, NSFW:

    And yes, Schwarzenegger motivational videos are great. Here's my favourite one:

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    Thanks so much!! That's what I need...
  • greenivygreenivy Alum Member
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    You can live your dream!!!
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    This is perfect!
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    @c.avetisyan - Armenian problems....I'm totally with you on that one :] I think my problem is that my parents don't understand how important and difficult it is to get into a good law school.
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    Definitely going to be playing one of these videos on audio on my way to the LSAT Saturday
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