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International Student GPA

Hannah56Hannah56 Alum Member
edited July 2017 in Law School Admissions 224 karma

I graduated from the UK with an upper-second class honours. I looked online and I think it translates to 3.4 / 4.00. My question is do law schools look at the converted GPA the same way they look at US graduates' GPAs? My dream school is Northwestern. with an LSAT score of 162-166 do I have a good chance of being admitted? all other things equal.



  • Rigid DesignatorRigid Designator Alum Member
    edited July 2017 1091 karma

    Hey! My UK degree transcripts have been processed by the LSAC and they were not converted to a US-style GPA, even though my institution provides letter grade equivalents. I was told by one T14 school that with a UK degree the LSAT score will carry added importance due to the fact they'd be comparing apples to oranges. Others told me that they will view your UK degree in its proper context.

    As for Northwestern, my personal view is that a 166 wouldn't give you a safe shot. 166 is below their median LSAT score ( and, all other things equal, to make up for a low LSAT you'd need a killer GPA. The problem is that a 2:1 doesn't equate to a killer GPA.

    EDIT: and I say that as someone else with a 2:1 ;)

  • Hannah56Hannah56 Alum Member
    edited July 2017 224 karma

    @"Rigid Designator" thanks alot for your reply. I was hoping that they will be more lenient when they evaluate international students GPAs.
    Btw, I remember I read once that alot of companies prefer hiring 2:1s over firsts, I don't know how true that is but I use it as a consolation hahaa.

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