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possibly withdrawing

turnercmturnercm Alum Member 🍌
edited December 2014 in General 770 karma
I may have to withdraw. My most recent PTs were going great until I got to the newer tests, and then my score sloooowly went down again. This is after I took the LSAT last December, postponed it twice, hardcore studied for at least 4+ months... and my last few PTs are the exact same score that I got last December. The schools that I want are at least 14 away from my current, 4 points away from my best scores. I already took off an additional year to study. I think the worst part isn't even letting myself down, its having to tell people that I may wait another year to apply. It's just taking so long. Like so, so long.

Is taking another year to do better really worth the gains?


  • nychiekonychieko Member
    3 karma
    I'm feeling the same way! I just know I can do so much better and it's tough now. I haven't been studying the way I want to, but you know what. I think I'm gonna go for it. Take the test now and keep studying as if you"re gonna take it again in February.
  • GettingOutGettingOut Alum Member
    79 karma
    This will be my first test and I am not a subject matter expert. What I have found in the life I have lived so far during the stressful times, opportunities and situations confronted with (31 year old discharging military member) is that making a last minute decision is usually not as logical or helpful as one may think. For one thing, this test isn't about everyone else, what you will say to them or suffering the question and answer sessions with those you know or don't care to know about what you scored. It is about you and your goals. I say yea, if it's your third time and you really want to get into specific schools and don't think you've got a chance than leaning toward not taking it may be a justly considerable option. But if not, look... everyone in this world is scared of failure. But if you have a chance, than it needs to be taken. That is precisely the difference between those who soar to great heights, and those who remain content with average. Everyone is thinking before a massive life decision. "I can still pull away", or "maybe when I feel better". But lets be honest, when will we EVER feel better about this thing before it's over. So MP/MC and summary, reach for what you want, decisions made when you are nervous are usually not wise, the test is NOT about what you will tell others and you are in the same boat with a lot of others. I hope this helps and you do well. (I think I should probably read this back to myself for a reminder)
  • turnercmturnercm Alum Member 🍌
    edited December 2014 770 karma
    @nychieko @GettingOut Thank you both for your thoughts. I don't think I'll withdraw. This is my 2nd time so I still have another shot, in case I need it. and part of the above statement is now posted on my laptop for encouragement :)
  • alexroark5alexroark5 Alum Member Inactive ⭐
    812 karma
    Hey turnercm, are you planning on applying for this cycle? If not, no point in forcing it this feb. Either way I wish you the best of luck!
  • turnercmturnercm Alum Member 🍌
    770 karma
    @rezamza thanks and gl tomorrow!!!

    @alexroark5 thanks!! I am planning on applying this cycle. I'll need a better score than my first one to come close to being as competitive as I'd like to be. I'll take it, and February can be more like a back-up. I think the in-between time is enough to get a higher score (if need be), and if not I can still push it back.
  • TeddyKGBTeddyKGB Alum Member
    112 karma
    I'm so happy you've decided to sit for the exam tomorrow!

    Best case: you get the score you've worked for (hello, Happiness!).

    Worst case: you get another test day experience under your belt.

    You've got nothing to lose! Get ready to rock that mother****er tomorrow!
  • LeoFiro8LeoFiro8 Alum Member
    edited December 2014 244 karma
    I am now in the same situation where i'm not exactly where i want to be and i know i can do soooo much better if i just put the time in but this is my first time and i want to apply this cycle and feel like if i get one shot at it, best thing is i get what i want worst thing is i have a real test under my belt and will go at it again. as far as taking it February for this cycle, i have read and heard from many legitimate sources that February is not the best time to take the exam for the upcoming cycle, most schools have already given admission to many students and they reserve some spots for the ELITE scorers that may pop up and apply for February, and if you are like anything like me with an average GPA and average LSAT score you want to get your foot in first, so if Tomorrow doesn't work, hang tight another couple months and take it June for the following cycle, I really wanted to start school this September of 2015 but, going thru 2 months of studying( for february if december doesn't work) then applying late when scholarships and admission is full seems like a waste of time and i'm better off waiting til june to apply for 2016, im 25 and this is my first time, can someone shed some light on my lawgic please ?
  • harrismeganharrismegan Legacy Member
    2074 karma
    if I had written that myself that's exactly what I would've wrote.
    honestly. I think you're right. Just do this one, get it under your belt. The best is that you get an acceptable mark, get into law school, and the rest is history. The worst. You don't and have to wait. But then you can come back stronger than ever and guarantee a spot.
    I've heard from A LOT of people that taking in Feb IS just for those elite 180 scores "just in case" type deal. I would agree. If you're going to re write after tomorrow, shoot for June.
  • turnercmturnercm Alum Member 🍌
    770 karma
    unless of course you plan on a 180 for February in which case... you can still take it tomorrow haha :D

    the bottom line is, taking it tomorrow will not be the end of the world. leo, you still have two more chances, so I think you should go for it. I did that last year and do not regret it. I think we all need to take a deep breath and do our best!
  • I-Scored-A-181I-Scored-A-181 Legacy Member
    35 karma
    I planned on taking my tomorrow. I withdrew. Why? I wasn't scoring what I needed to.
  • JessicaSLJessicaSL Legacy Member
    39 karma
    I had a severe panic attack during the test today (I have a history of them under extreme stressful situations) so I unfortunately had to cancel my score. I'm pretty upset about it. I've been trying to control them for a long time. Anyways, I've been out of college for almost two years and I was more than ready to go back. However, life sometimes doesn't go the way you planned it to. That doesn't mean you should just give up. I will be retaking it this Feb or June and applying early for the next academic cycle. Just wanted to tell others not to get discouraged if you don't think you did well today. We are all young and there is always next time. Sometimes your set plan to achieve your goal isn't the actual path you take to achieve it. Have patience and don't give up everyone!
  • kelsey.rkelsey.r Alum Member
    edited December 2014 62 karma
    I am 25 and it is has a strong negative impact on confidence/self assurance. I constantly beat myself up for not getting my shit together years ago and taking my sweet time as an undergrad. I was never serious about school because I was self deprecating but as soon as I got it together, I graduated in 4 semesters with having 6.5 semesters left to complete. I graduated last December and finally admitted that my dream has always been law school and I am going to make myself vulnerable and just go for it....this was in mid april that I decided to go full force and just try. I was too eager and did not respect the LSAT for what it actually is...I took the June test (after only 6 weeks of studying) and scored a horrid 146. I was really upset and my age made it even worse. If I were to be 22 again and just graduated (on time) then fine, I miss one cycle. But at 25 it really is a different mental game and a completely different situation when deciding to take it again, wait another cycle etc...or at least it feels that way.... I took the test again today and feel somewhat confident. Although, not totally. I am terrified I will not get in anywhere and then before I know it, it will be next year and I will be a year older. At what point is it just not a good idea/ not going to happen? Sorry if this is a personal ramble..I just really wanted to reply to @LeoFiro8 when I saw you were 25
  • lelalavilelalavi Member
    8 karma
    don't worry so much, there were several much older (like middle aged) people taking the lsat at my testing center today so don't let your age get to you. I'm 27, you have time don't give up
  • JessicaSLJessicaSL Legacy Member
    39 karma
    My brother is 30 and he just went to law school after finishing his masters in some other field. He also told me he isn't the youngest in his class so it's never too late!!
  • SnowballSnowball Legacy Member
    111 karma
    Check in, another 25 guy... I admit that the mental battle at 25 is quite different from 21. I consistently scored around 173 before the test but bombed the last logic game today. I will probably rewrite for February. Maybe it's not a good choice but I really don't want to wait for another year. It's better for me to start what I want to do, even though I have to transfer, than stuck with the LSAT.
  • ssavaresessavarese Alum Member
    5 karma
    It definitely isn't too late! I'm 35 and recently quit a good job because law is my passion. The experience is humbling for sure, but we always have to keep our eyes on the ultimate goal and strive with every fiber to not be myopic or short sighted. It can definitely be difficult, I know well, but it's a must (at least in my experiences). Life is so, SO short any way you look at it, so remember what Lincoln said: "determine that the thing can be done and then we shall find a way."
  • turnercmturnercm Alum Member 🍌
    770 karma
    I'm 25 too! I completely get where my fellow 25-ers are coming from. It's hard for me sometimes because some of my friends who I graduated with are already 3Ls, and I didn't even realize I wanted to go to law school until about a year and a half after I graduated undergrad. It's hard when you feel like you've been trying something for so long and feeling like you're falling behind. but we aren't falling behind.

    @GettingOut put it so well. we shouldn't allow others to dictate what we do or run our race. what's important is that we pursue what we want. I'm literally on my third "gap year" where I should probably just accept that this is life, currently, and that is okay. the sooner we allow ourselves to just be living, the easier it gets. Lets not be so hard on ourselves.

    take heart guys! I'm proud of all of you for pursuing your dreams!!! <3
    57 karma
    Guys I'm 28! Got an undergrad from India after I was forced out of native country, then moved to turkey, then us and started undergrad all over again because my degree wasn't good. I'm in a phd now but law is my passion. I took the test in 09 right after in entered this country and of course bombed it. Today I retook it after 5 years and I'll continue getting up after each falling till I make it...
    "The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times".
  • jdawg113jdawg113 Alum Inactive ⭐
    2654 karma
    lol I should show my dad this thread, when I told him I was pushing to Feb he was like O.o "but won't you have to wait another year... is that going to be okay?"
  • JessicaSLJessicaSL Legacy Member
    39 karma
    Im halfway into my second gap year and I was getting highly discouraged because I felt like I was the only one stuck. However, my fellow older 7Sagers give me the strength to push through another test!

    On that note, what do you guys think about taking the Feb. test and applying late into the cycle versus taking it in June and applying early? Any thoughts or advices appreciated!
  • shadow16shadow16 Legacy Member
    edited December 2014 227 karma
    I just turned 27 a couple of days ago & when I told my parents that I was postponing to Feb, they totally freaked out b/c that meant that I was sitting out yet another cycle. However, when I explained to them that I knew I was capable of getting a really great score and then have the chance to get into some amazing schools, they understood & respected my decision. Plus my SO was on board with the idea, so that always helps :)

    With the applicants decreasing in number, it's basically a buyer's market for us- schools that were previously out of reach now seem possible. Also, more people are working for a few years before applying to law schools because that helps them with OCI later on, so going straight from college to law school isn't that crucial anymore.

    @JessicaSL If Feb's your first time taking it, then I would just apply for next year's cycle (whether you decide to take Feb or June doesn't matter much as long as you feel like you're prepared enough). If you have already taken the LSAT & want to retake to improve your score for schollies, then Feb should be fine for this cycle
  • jdawg113jdawg113 Alum Inactive ⭐
    2654 karma
    "On that note, what do you guys think about taking the Feb. test and applying late into the cycle versus taking it in June and applying early? Any thoughts or advices appreciated!" depends on when you're ready... if you are ready to do ur best in Feb go for it, if u get a good score then you can apply and see if you feel the offers are worth it, if not hold off year without worrying about the LSAT(unless u feel you can get higher) if you are not ready then no reason to not push back, a higher LSAT score is way more beneficial than settling with a lower score just to go straight into school
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