HELP. PLEASE - Score dropped significantly this week...

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My average score for my last 10 PTs (before this week) was a 165. My LR average for last 5 tests was -3. I was feelin good about my improvements and workin closer to a 170. However, I just took 2 PTs (75 & 77) this week, and got a 159 on both of them. For context, I haven't scored that low in about a year.

Totally at a loss and depressed and in total disbelief. I thought the first 159 was an anomaly & shrugged it off, but after the 2nd one... I now feel like I have no grasp on how test day will go on Saturday. This is really scary. I've been at this for over a year and a half but this score is not showing it (relative to myself & to how I scored in my early days of studying, of course--not saying at all that 159 is not a strong score or not a result of many months of studying).

In a word, I'm devastated. The only explanation I can come up with right now is that I've been pretty focused on LG over the last few weeks, and RC even in just this past week.. so maybe my mind isn't "in it" for LR ?? I say that because I went from getting 0-3 wrong per section, to -9, -6, -5, -7 in these most recent LR sections.

So, if that is the case -- any recommendations on what I should do (both mentally & studying methods) to get my head back into it ?? I've been drilling LR questions this morning but I'm still having the same problem &/or not feeling that confident in my answers choices. Any help would be appreciated, especially if something similar has happened to someone else.



  • Hey just relax. You were probably just having an off day. Don't worry about it. If you worry too much then it will just throw you off on Saturday. Using your average score is a good predictor on what you will probably score on Saturday. It's too late now, sorry. Just relax I'm sure you will do fine.

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    Are those two PTs you took (75 & 77) the only recent PTs you have taken? I find that once I switched over to more recent PTs (around PT 70+) there is a slight shift in LR wording/difficulty.

    Overall, don't stress! You have a good average and scores can fluctuate. Some tests play to our weaknesses. It could be beneficial to go back to those PTs and see if you are getting any LR questions wrong that have similar components (such as conditional reasoning, formal logic, causality, etc). Maybe a quick review of fundamental concepts will help in addition to drilling LR? Good luck!

  • yeah exactly!!! Don't worry!!! I actually found those prep tests to be weird and I personally didn't do as well on them. I'm sure you will fine. Take a deep breath and just focus on doing well and positive thinking <3

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    I have similar situation, from 72-76. Very low scores, much lower than before. I cannot tell why even now, maybe too tired. But after stop taking the PT for a week and then take 78, I got a 168. 79 and 80 are also around 169. Don't worry too much about that, you'd be cool.

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    I just got wrecked by 79 yesterday, it happens. Your work before shows what you know, that's the more important thing.

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    I took those two PTs this week and they were also some of my lowest scores. I had been averaging high 160s – low 170s and on 75 I got a 159 (wtf?) and on 77 a 162.

    During the week leading up to those two I had been taking PTS every day. After taking 75 and 77 I realized that probably wasn't the best idea and decided to stop and let my brain recover before this Saturday.

    I'm not allowing myself to even look at LSAT material today. I think I am going to re-BR both tests tomorrow and then look over one of my best tests on Friday to get my confidence up.

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