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Important note about the December 2015 LSAT

inactiveinactive Alum Member
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Hey 7Sagers!

With the LSAT coming up this Saturday (Dec. 5th), I figured I'd reiterate our TOS and rules a bit.

We know that everyone will be excited to discuss what was on the December '15 LSAT, but mentioning specifics about the test (e.g., "Question 4 was odd" or "I got B for question 6" or "the 3rd LG was sequencing") can get both us and you in a lot of trouble with LSAC.

Saying that the test was hard/easy without going into detail is okay, but anything more specific is not okay. LSAC monitors this forum.

One exception is you can say which section was the experimental. For example, the LG with "flowers" was experimental. That's okay.

TL;DR: PLEASE don't talk specifics about December's LSAT!

Good luck everyone! Have a complimentary cute cat dog possum bunny hippo gif to knead wiggle gnaw binky stumble its way into your heart and melt your stress away.



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