PT13.S4.Q19 - alternative medicine

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I chose (C) assuming that "hope" is a certain effect that can translate into a medical effect. Now, I see that is an unwarranted assumption. But as for (D), I found the term, "the medical treatment the patient is receiving" too vague and I didn't know whether it was referencing to the alternative medicine or orthodox medicine.

Could someone help me with their reasoning as to why (D) is correct?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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    This is when it's important to remember the questions stem...

    • The charge made above against ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE is most seriously weakened if it is true that?

    Okay, so what was the charge against alternative medicine?

    • One of the reasons alternative medicine is free of such side effects is that it does not have any effects at all.

    Okay so we are talking about alternative medicine, so how does D weaken the argument that alternative medicine has no effects at all?

    We show it having an effect in an indirect way!

    Well the medicine might not have any direct effect, but when people believe the alternative medicine they are receiving is working then their own brain releases things that help.

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    @LSATcantwin Thanks for you fast response! If I am interpreting your answer correctly, the stem's scope - "charge against alternative medicine" - allows the referential phrase in answer choice (D) - "patients belief in the medical treatment" - to be read as "alternative medicine".

    The weird thing is, I did read the stem but still missed that "the medical treatment" can be appropriately attributed to alternative medicine and just focused on (C). But looking back, (C) requires so many unwarranted assumptions for it to even slightly weaken the claim.

    Thank you!

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