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Difficult games from recent tests

Hey guy's, are there any especially difficult or abnormal games that you've come across from PTs 60/70 to Present?


  • Chelsey ChenChelsey Chen Member
    38 karma

    Thanks! I meant more so for other test takers - if you guys have come across any from recent PTs that have been kind out of the norm.

  • kimpg_66kimpg_66 Alum Member
    1617 karma

    77 game 3 h o l y s h i t

    I would say "not hard once you understand the game board" but jesus I still don't think I understand the game board. Harder than the infamous virus game in 79 (#4).

    I will say though, I got -0 on that game all thanks to Fool Proofing. I was dead in the water but my instincts kicked in and even if I couldn't vocalize inferences, my mind was still making them.

  • Chelsey ChenChelsey Chen Member
    38 karma

    Awesome! thank you!

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