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Advice on attacking weakening questions?

bendandsnapbendandsnap Legacy Member

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if someone could please give me some advice. I have listened to JY's videos and engaged myself in MANY weakening questions, but I'm still struggling with them. I used JY's advice in terms of "tackling LR questions" via the flow chart, along with focusing on how I can "weaken" the support between the premises and conclusion.... but what I think I'm struggling with is finding other assumptions that would weaken the original support.

Does anyone have any tips or advice?

Thanks so much!! xx

Ps - I seem to be doing very well on strengthening questions, but weakening seems to be much more difficult.


  • masterthelsatmasterthelsat Member
    82 karma

    @"Deanna A"

    Hey, I use to be very bad at weaken questions and feel that I’ve improved a bit. This is what I do. Whenever I read a weaken question, I look for causation/correlation, comparison, or explanation flaw. Usually weaken questions are one of the three kinds. Once you figure out which one it is, the answer then becomes pretty easy. I hope this helps.

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