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GPA Addendums: Let's make this fun.

lizpillizpil Member
edited December 2017 in Law School Admissions 282 karma

Hi Fellow 7-Sagers,

I'm a non-trad student who took a very relaxed view on my first couple of years of college . Little did I know, I would be studying for the LSAT almost 20 years later. But, I'm sure there are some of you didn't really do well your first year or so of college. So, for fun I'm starting a thread of alternate explanations of why some grades, as I like to say, are "uncomfortable." Here's a few to start. Please add more.

  1. It was the Clinton presidency. We were knee deep in AOL CD's and hope.
  2. All of my classes were 8:00 am classes. Just six 8:00 am classes. We live in a quantum universe. Time is flat circle.
  4. I kept getting held hostage by a hackysack circle.
  5. Beer and chics, bro, beer and chicks.
  6. My professor sucked.
  7. I sucked.
  8. I was paid to keep the curve low (gotta pay for Birkenstocks somehow!)

Please add.


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