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Thank you 7sage and 7sagers

Grey WardenGrey Warden Alum Member
edited December 2017 in General 813 karma

I just got my LSAT score and i got a 170, I am not sure if i will take it again, however, this would not have been possible without the guidance of the 7sage community. I absolutely sucked at standardised tests but with 7sage's help I was able to improve my skills a lot. It was especially helpful cause i am an international student and English is not my native language (my RC was as bad as it can get).Thank you guys. Also, i will be happy to help anyone here looking to break plateaus or anything else with whatever knowledge I have of the LSAT. Don't give up guys, this was not my first attempt and i thought i will never touch a 170.


  • The King in the NorthThe King in the North Alum Member
    75 karma

    How did you study for Reading Comp? I got minus 9 wrong on the Dec. 2017 Reading Comp section. Ended up with a 167 :(.

  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
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    Great job on a great score!!

  • PomegranatePomegranate Alum Member
    577 karma

    Congratulations! Best of luck with your application!

  • ChristmascarolingChristmascaroling Free Trial Member
    14 karma

    Congrats! amazing score

  • BinghamtonDaveBinghamtonDave Alum Member 🍌🍌
    8684 karma

    Excellent work. Congrats!

  • Grey WardenGrey Warden Alum Member
    edited December 2017 813 karma

    Thank you @"Dillon A. Wright" @Giulnara @Christmascaroling @BinghamtonDave
    @"The King in the North" - what was crucial for me was to save time by marking less on the passage, you may already know the basic RC mantra (to read for structure and main points) but saving time was something i really needed since i could not come back to the circled questions and marking less and just absorbing the structure and main points helped me save time to get to those circled questions. May be that is something you may give a try since i have heard that different marking strategies work for different test takers and sometimes it helps to mark less.

  • akistotleakistotle Member 🍌🍌
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  • Daniel.SieradzkiDaniel.Sieradzki Member Sage
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    Great job, @"Grey Warden"! That is awesome news!

  • Grey WardenGrey Warden Alum Member
    813 karma

    Thank you @akistotle and @"Daniel.Sieradzki" the session with you was super helpful and congratulations to you toooo, I just saw you have become a sage now, this is awesome
    If anyone is looking for a tutor Daniel is great especially for LR, i had a session with him and he helped me with the conceptual process of solving LR questions and it helped me a lot.

  • tringo335tringo335 Alum Member
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