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On December 26, 2015, I decided to take the LSAT. I bought a book from Barnes and Noble, immediately registered to take the test February 6th 2016. My first practice test I ever took, I got a 139. When I took the test, I got a 155. After I got my score, I signed up for 7Sage. I'm a mom of 3 (my kids are 7, 5, & 3), and I work full-time, so while I wasn't able to study as much as I would've liked, I put in my best effort, and I was able to pull a 164 out of the December LSAT. While not a 170, I'm still really proud of myself for hitting the 90th percentile. I just want to encourage anybody that feels like they're never going to improve their score, or like their starting score is "too low" to see a big improvement! Stick with it, and trust the process, even when it sucks. Happy Holidays, 7sagers!


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    Trust...the...Process! I love it when people speak of the great philosopher Joel Embiid. Congratulations on your progress and keep plugging away!

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    So amazing! If anyone ever starts out low and feels like they can't achieve a high score, you're proof you can if you study smart and hard.

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    Congrats fantastic job. @Hshutter did you do the LG bundle as part of your studying?

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    The fuck...this is awesome! What a great achievement. Big ups!!! Enjoy the holidays with your score and, far more importantly, your family--A.c.S

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    @LsatChic I did!

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    @Hshutter thank you.

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    This is really good. Diagnostics are simply first encounters with the exam. You have defied the "odds" other websites have sometimes spoken of. Great work!

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    Congrats! You deserve to eat some ice cream today!

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    Some courses out there will say you can't increase more than 10 points, which I think leads a lot of people selling themselves short. You had a 25 point increase! That's insane! Congratulations--have some ice cream and some snuggles with your kids; you deserve it

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    WHAT AN INSPIRATION! You go momma!

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    Great increase, congrats!!

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    Thanks y’all!

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    Amazing story. Congrats!

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