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LSAT Trainer: Compatible with 7sage?

edited January 2015 in General 55 karma
Hi all,

I just joined 7sage, with the intention of taking the June 2015 LSAT. I've done a bit of prep with the Powerscore bibles over the last couple of months, but haven't felt particularly satisfied or inspired. So I was happy to join 7sage, when I discovered it recently; I really liked its animated approach and the structured study schedule it offered. My question is for anyone with experience of using the LSAT Trainer alongside 7sage: have you found the two to be compatible? I've read great reviews for the Trainer, and am curious if it might be a good way to get additional prep while and after working through the 7sage curriculum?



  • lbalestrierilbalestrieri Alum Member
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    I started with the LSAT Trainer and then found 7sage and began working here. The LSAT Trainer gave me a good base before beginning here, but I found it more challenging in that I feel it is geared towards someone who already has some LSAT/studying experience. 7sage is much more comprehensive in that it splits its curriculum into smaller categories. Another difference is that The Trainer does give exercises, but you have to have the PTs purchased in order to do them.

    I would say the main differences in LR is the organization of question types. The Trainer organizes them a bit more broadly and gives general strategies instead of splitting up into the large number of question types presented by 7sage. For me this is helpful because of the way I think - I like to organize into broad groups when I study so that it is easier for me to reference during the exam, if that makes sense. This especially goes for flaw questions - 7sage has a list of 19 common flaws while the Trainer splits the types of flaws into three categories. Also, the Trainer provides steps and general strategies for questions, which I did not find in 7sage. This is typically the trend for logic games as well, as I said, the differentiation of games is put into more broad categories. The Trainer gave good basic in terms of how to diagram Logic Games, but it doesn't separate types of games as much as 7sage does. I would say the biggest benefit of the Trainer over 7sage is the Reading Comprehension section as they cover it in much greater detail than 7sage. It gives strategies for different question types - which they split into structure related questions, author opinion questions, other opinion questions, detail questions, and comparative section questions.

    As you can see, I basically feel that 7sage organizes its curriculum into much smaller categories than the Trainer. I found it very helpful to have both perspectives, but I think the Trainer would have been more helpful if I had started with 7sage and the smaller categories to get more of a feel for the questions and then had done the Trainer to get more strategies for answering questions. But I went into the Trainer with no LSAT experience so I feel I wasted some time figuring some things out. I definitely do recommend the Trainer as a different organizational perspective. If that doesn't make sense, or you're just curious about the Trainer's curriculum, I took extensive notes and would be happy to send you a sample of them, or at least what I put into my study guide as the most helpful material that the Trainer provides that 7sage does not. Just message me on here and I we can exchange email.

    Hope this helps!
  • Matt1234567Matt1234567 Legacy Inactive ⭐
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    I have both, and they're both compatible and tremendously helpful. I actually got the LSAT trainer to supplement and enhance my technique overall, and believe me, it has really paid off. However, I have to say I really like JY's logic game methods and techniques a lot more. I would say get the LSAT trainer because it also has many helpful drills to solidify your overall understanding of what is going on in an argument and what the flaw/assumption is. Use this in conjunction with 7sages curriculum. However, I recommend using JY's logic game approach, as the LSAT trainer has its own unique method.
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    Thank you both for this incredibly helpful advice! It sounds like a perfect addition to my study materials. I'll order a copy asap and use it to fill in the gaps/refer to it when I feel the need for additional clarification and practice.
  • Alum Member
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    I have limited experience with both. I'm prepping for a retake in October. The first time through I read about half of The LSAT Trainer and found the excellent 7Sage LG explanations at the end of my prep. I agree I like JY's LG methods better. I started prepping again at the beginning of January. I was using both of them simultaneously and I felt it was too convoluted. And the different classifications just winded up confusing me. My plan is to use The Trainer if I need it after going through the 7Sage curriculum.
  • alexroark5alexroark5 Alum Member Inactive ⭐
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    To me the LSAT trainer was the most valuable for the mindset it tells you to adopt regarding LR. And yes, the two are compatible.

    1. Remember that you are only attacking the relationship between the premises and conclusion.

    2. Remember that the relationship between the premises and conclusion will be faulty for every argument you read.
  • Nilesh SNilesh S Alum Inactive ⭐
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    Totally complementary... LG 7sage, LR - 7sage + Trainer, RC 7sage + Trainer
  • CallMeJazzyCallMeJazzy Alum Member
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    Yes, the trainer is a phenomenal tool--it helped me improve 11 points before I found 7sage.
  • msmith85msmith85 Alum Member
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    LSAT trainer is a gift from God (if God is Mike Kim).

    Get it. Synthesize it with 7sage.

    Personally, I started with Trainer. Used 7sage. Took the test. 164. Not happy. Now prepping again with LG Bible, 7sage, Manhattan prep on RC, LG and LR. All prep materials going together very well.
  • Marie4lawschoolMarie4lawschool Alum Member
    359 karma
    Based on my experience, definitely go for the LSAT Trainer as well as 7Sage. I'd also throw in Cambridge drill sets. My biggest area for growth in terms of consistent performance is in my favorite section, the logic games. I have learned SO MUCH with 7Sage, and now in the final weeks leading up to a February retake, I'm gaining speed and confidence through the setup drills etc. in the LSAT Trainer and through spending hours at a time doing timed logic games and repeats using a Cambridge drill set. In my experience these three resources are most certainly compatible (in fact, complementary) but I would personally recommend first getting solid on your foundational knowledge and skills with 7Sage.
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