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  • my highest is a 162 and I'm also taking the Nov test. What's helped me is watching all the explanation videos for the ones I got wrong in every section. Then I specifically focus on LG by watching all of those videos even if I got all the questions …
  • I'm currently in that same range and have only tested a 162 once and have not been able to get that score since I took that PT, so I completely understand what you're feeling. What has helped me is to remember that test scores don't define you or yo…
  • Whole test: 81, 83, 86, 88, 90, 91, 92 LR: 85, 89 RC (humanities): 28.3, 32.3, 78.3, 79.2, 84.2 RC (science): 2.3, 5.3, 78.4, 85.4 RC (law): 67.4 RC (comparative): 60.2, 67.3, 73.4, 84.3 LG (outlier circular): 1.1, 8.2, 41.4 LG (outlier mapp…
  • Hi! I'm also taking the November LSAT! I watched the crystal ball predictions and in their presentation, they had a lot of individual passages and games that they recommended based on their predictions as well as full PTs and sections that would be …