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7Sage is the best way to study for the LSAT:

  • See elite LSAT instructors explain real LSAT questions onscreen
  • Learn what to do next: 7Sage has a well planned curriculum and detailed study schedules, so you'll know exactly what to do to get a higher score
  • Go at your own pace: take as much time as you need on difficult lessons, skip parts you already understand
  • There are no stupid questions: find explanations for every answer choice
  • Join an active community that will answer your questions

What's inside the full course:

  1. Theory for every LSAT LR question type and logic game type.
  2. Explanation of the theory using real LSAT questions
  3. Master the theory on your own with carefully chosen problem sets.
  4. Hone your skills with full length practice tests and detailed video explanations for every question.

What's In The Trial

The trial comes with:

  • Introduction to arguments
  • Introduction to reading comprehension
  • Introduction to logic games
  • Introduction to logical reasoning

Also included:

Blind Review: A better way to review LSAT questions. Many students have said it completely changed how they study.

Walkthrough for the June 2007 LSAT: The June 2007 LSAT is the free LSAT released by LSAC. We've included explanations for this test so that you can get a sense of what our full course is like.

If you like the trial's June 2007 explanations, you'll really like our course. It has hundreds of video walkthroughs of real LSAT questions.

What People Are Saying

Just doing the blind review for the last two days has opened my understanding of logic more than three months of studying with Kaplan. I am sold on this course's effectiveness.

Morgan W, enrolled in LSAT Complete

I've been so so many prep courses that just made me want to
quit the subject all together. Happy to let you know that this was actually great!

Lani Y, Preprobono student, using 7Sage's curriculum

Here's a list of the reasons why I love 7sage.

1. They are responsive to students' needs. Literally. They provide an actual response. My questions are sometimes answered within the hour

2. The background pictures. I love back drops! They remind me a real world exists out there, outside of the LSAT. The layout, color scheme of the site - also amazing.

3. Hearing JY talk to himself. The inside of your head is hilarious. I accidentally unplugged my headphone in a coffee shop once and everyone heard you wanting "to punch the argument in the face." I don't mind their looks; non-LSAT people they just don't understand...

4. They get me. They really get me. Dragon Ball Z metaphors? Relatable pedagogy at its best. I don't see this as a company-created curriculum. It's more like LSAT wizards guiding us on our 7sage. They are just as their bio describes: a couple of Harvard grads sharing their genius.

5. Last but not least, I love the supportive, funny, equally commiserating, brilliant community. This space gives students a chance to lift each other up. I'm really thankful for all the encouragement and support that's been spread here on this site.

You've helped me improve so much, 7sage. I want to put my name in the hat so I get to use this resource even further. I'm aiming for a 170+ on the June 2013 - all because I believe in these videos to get me there. THANK YOU 7Sage! I hope I get a couple more months of you.

Quinn N, enrolled in LSAT Complete

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