Anyone who is really good at something can do the basic skills without thinking.  It's just pure instinct.  That is what you want to happen with the LSAT.  You want to read the question and then just KNOW.

To get there, you need to internalize the logic of the LSAT.  Use the flashcards in the 7Sage course to drill the fundamental concepts into your head.

I know, I hate memorizing too.  That's why these flashcards have been carefully selected to only cover only the most important areas that need to be memorized.

They're really easy to use.  Work through them from top to bottom.  Put your cursor over a card to see the answer.  If you make a mistake, drag that card to the bottom.  That way you'll see it again and reinforce that concept.

For example, here are the vocabulary flash cards that are used in the full course:

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